We doin' this again or what?

The Keg has been reserved, bring your mug and donate some ice to keep it cold for the week. The keg and I will be arriving Wednesday. Does anybody have a tap? It will save me the deposit.
You obviously haven't drank with this group...that keg won't last a week. :D
From the looks of the weather you won't need much ice either. I had a bag in a cooler in the back of my truck for 4 days earlier this month. It didn't melt at all.


Me, the pontoon and and a pot for beans will be at Oxbow Monday thru Wednesday, maybe Thursday, DOF. Oh yeah, and plenty of beer. Anybody know what the magic fly is going to be for swinging?


Yeah, I got a couple of boxes of offerings, but based on past experience it will be something else Mr. Steel wants. So many combinations of sink rate, leader size/length and flies for this steelhead stalker to figure out on a new river it cramps up the brain. I expect that the successful guys in camp will be like a bright lights to moths.

Hey Islander, are you staying at Oxbow?

Ed Call

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I thought everything was gear and fly fishing was using a subset of gear. Jim, you sure have NOT been a very grouchy old man lately, what is up with that?


Tasty looking sushi, Matt.
Here's one guys selection for the Hoh that I found on the internet.
Might try my local fly shop for a few of those patterns.
Reminds me of last month trout fishing central Oregon for two weeks. Stopped in the Bend Orvis shop and spent $60 on 10 different patterns and only one of them worked for me. First and last time OSWMBO will go to a "fly shop" with me!

Jerry Daschofsky

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No magic bullet. Just get a fly and stick with it. Longer you keep it in the water, the better. So once you pick one, use it. I like long pink bunny leeches and marabou patterns (doesn't have to be popsicle style, can be a simple chenille body with marabou wing). As long as it has pink in it. ;) LOL. I do use alot of black and purple too.
I'll be swingin' long ole' bunny leeches. Just like Jerry's colors, either pink or black and blue. I just hope that will be the ticket for me. I'm going to tie up a bunch this weekend so I will be stocked up! BTW, plan on arriving Friday evening and leaving sometime Monday.

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