We doin' this again or what?

Ed Call

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I don't care what the weather is doing, I'll be there Monday to fucking fish.
Bad Ass! Don't let that 4th grade choir boy photo fool you, Matt Burke is f'n serious!

Jerry, i'll go pluggin with you. Of course I have no freaking idea what it is
Buck, not sure what BN stands for but I'm thinking Buck Nasty...you don't have to get that avatar dressed, but at least put him in some waders.
Spey casting naked would be bad ass. Watching the the hook rip into your flesh in HD would be awesome. I am so tying my ass off here trying to get ready for this gig. I'm down to a couple dozen shitty guide flies left to do and then I throw food in a cooler and go. The Fetal motel is still set up in the back of the cherokee. I don't even know if the bedding is wet from my waders and boots that I threw on top of it all when I was done fishing the Sauk/Skagit Monday. Don't care, it's got nothing to do with fishing until the light is gone on Monday afternoon. Will anyone be there to fish that day? Will trade flies or barter for Calwa shuttle. Or I could start my classes. Bank Monkey 101. That class could be held on the Queets. Any of you fuckers smell what I've been thinking for weeks now, yet?


"Ride'n Dirty."
Mumbles, Your right what was I thinking going into that frigid waters without my waders???? I couldn't find my full length waders, but I found my hip ones.


Buck, thats just not right.
Matt, I'll see you there Monday. The wife and I are heading over eather Sunday night or first boat Monday.
Can't you do something about Bucks last post.


"Ride'n Dirty."
if your that offended by my joking have a mod delete it, I don't care. I'm on my pda at work and I can't.
Chill, it was ment be a joke

Bob Triggs

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Bob, I'll confess. I like rain and muddy water far more than no rain, my relaxation fountain and no fishing to be done inside my cubicle. Maybe the end result will be having to go up higher to find lesser flows or better clarity. I don't know. What would Bob Triggs do if he had been planning on such a trip and was not able to get out every day he wanted? Would he find a way to fish anyway?
It is not the weather that I care about- I have fished in everything dished out here, up to and including frozen waders and jacket- it is the flows. Right now it could go either way for the next week or two. Maybe a less than "50/50" chance of fishing flows, at least quality flows (stable or dropping) in more than one or two little spots. Personally I dont like to run far up the rivers in search of better flows and clarity at this time of year as we tend to see more spawners upriver by now. This late in the season I am trying to fish closer to the salt.

Having said all of this, and now with my having cancelled several trips already, you guys will probably have a stellar week out here!:rofl:

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