12 Pounds of Hawaiian Bonefish

That kicks ass!

Notice the pic from the front of a skiff...new world with boat access?

Thanks again for sharing the adventure for those of us in the great white north.

Take care,


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Excellent Bone, but what really caught my eye were those royal blue skies and clear ocean waters, looks so warm and inviting...ah yeah!


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Nice fish, brought back memories of my brief 6 months in the keys back in 1986.I hooked a bonefish that size at night,with a full moon,in about 7 inches of water,over clear sands.Talk about ghosts of the flats,this was surreal.Anyhow,set the hook and the fish headed for Bimini.Too bad I couldn't see the tangle of line and seaweed at my feet.Bye,Bye.Never got another crack at a big boy,though the routine 8 lber's weren't too bad.Beautiful picture.
You have no idea how much that aggravates me Coach every time you post a pic of one of your clients with an ear to ear grin and holding a trophy bone, and I think that should be me holding that fish. Dam, sweet fish.

Just sign me, "beyond envy".

Richard E

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Damn, homey, that's a dandy! is that the biggest yet, pictured? Did you tape it's dimensions?

That is an absolutely beautiful specimen of a fish . . .

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