What hooks do you use for dry flies ?

Hi guys , I don't tie a lot of dries, wondering what hook models can I buy to tie some #8-#16 dries ( humpy , elk hair , stimulators , etc ) , help please :)
The norm for dries like a humpy, adams, (and about a billion others) is a standard-length, "fine wire" (or 1x fine) hook, often with a "wide gap." I think it's pretty hard to go wrong with the Tiemco (TMC) 900BL for those sizes. (#18 and up I usually go with a straight-eye hook, like the TMC 101). The "BL" stands for barbless, which I like.

Many longer-shanked hooks for patterns like a stimulator, madam X, hoppers, etc. are "standard wire" to give them a little more strength, though there are some light-wire options. The TMC 200R is a classic long-shanked dry-fly hook, being 3x long but because of it's dropped point it doesn't tie quite that long. TMC also has the 2302 and 2313, which are 2x long and slightly curved shank (they call it "humped"), in standard and 1x fine-wire versions. And there are others--the 2312 is a 2xL straight shank, and so on.

You can see some of them here (these being the US imported list): http://www.umpqua.com/c-107-tiemco-hooks.aspx

I'm sure Daiichi and others make similar hooks.



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I am old school but I tied a awful lot of dries and caught a lot of fish on Mustad 94840 and 94845's without complaint. There are some very nice hooks out including the ones tkww mentioned that work as well or probably better, personally I have tied some on those hooks
but have yet to get the opportunity to prove them fishing.

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I'm with X-Dog, Mustad 94840 for most dries. Been using them for around 40 years. They have taken a lot of fish. The new signature series from Mustad are some fine hooks as well.
I agree with TKWW re the TMC 900 BL - my favorite dry fly hook down to #20. TMC 100 is also a great choice but I think I'm just a sucker for the black finish on the 900. I go to a TMC 101 for midge emergers that I usually tie from #20 - 24, the straight eye seems better for fishing a tiny midge in the film.

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