Weyerhauser lands


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Can anyone give me ideas of where I can obtain maps of 'W' land open to the public for hunting? I'm going to give the elusive easterns a chase this spring and just would like to get a game plan started.

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I'm a bit confused Andrew, so if this is off the mark, please forgive me. Are you asking about the former Weyerhaeuser tree farms that were permit-only access?

If so, the three farms that they operated in the Puget Sound area (White River, Kapowsin and Snoqualmie) were all sold to Hancock Timber Resources in 2001 or 2002. Hancock continues to allow access via permit (which costs $200/year now) on a per-farm basis. That is, you'll need a separate permit to take a vehicle onto each farm. Maps for each farm are available only to permit purchasers.

If not, I'm not aware of any other Weyerhaeuser forest products operations in Washington.



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Basically I just read a Tacoma NWTF blurb about hunting Weyerhauser Lands via mountain bike, however, I'm guessing it is a very 'old' blurb of information.

Regardless, you seem to be in the know of where I can get maps of these lands, or not?

So it went from free to a fee...how nice.
Don't waste your time in Kapowsin, Snoqualmie, or White River Hancock Lands. There are still Weyerhaeuser plots open to public walk in access down in SW WA. Look towards the Willipa Hills area
Weyerhaeuser currently owns the St. Helens, Vail and Twin Harbors tree farms, and a few other small holdings in western Washington south of ONP and west of the cascade range. Although they may have sold some of that in the last few years too. Usually access is pretty good as long as you can stick to the main lines.

Would these "easterns" be eastern brook trout or eastern merriams turkeys? I'm not clear on that. Either way, you'll have a tough time finding either on Weyerhaeuser land.

You can buy St. Helens maps at the Toutle general store/gas station/post office/bar. Don't know about Vail or Twin Harbors.