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What floating line would you put on an 11'3" Redington CPX, 8 weight switch rod, mostly for nymphing with an indicator for steel? How about for swinging? Anybody cast this thing yet? Jeff
Floating line foe nymphing? Sage indicator taper. Floating line for swinging? either beulah's elixir scando or a rio skagit short. I dont nymph but i heard the indicator taper is sweet if thats all you are doing.
I've not used this exact rod, but a couple ideas on similar 11' 8 weight switches.

Swinging: Something around 20' and 500 grains. The Rio Skagit short at 475 is in the discussion as is getting a 650 grain skagit head and cutting it back to about 500 grains. I did the latter for a Sage 8110 and then looped on 11' of T-10. Perfect.

For nymphing, I've heard good things about using the Rio Steelhead line in a 9/10 or so. If you think you'll want to nymph at distance, having a bit longer belly is useful.

Try before you buy, but that should put you very close.



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I ain't the smoothest switchcaster around, but that rod really liked a 32' 420gr head in my hands, as well as those of a few more experienced casters.

The Indicator taper is a great line for (duh) indicator fishing with switches, but the SA Sharkskin in steelhead taper is the cat's meow too.

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