Lone lake - anyone

Ed Call

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Randy that is a great point that I realized last night. I logged off, grabbed the map, started plotting a route and came to the realization that I'm not dragging my pontoon boat from point to point. One more obstacle to consider to make it to Lone. I hope to get there but for now I'll likely stick closer to my backyard. As it warms up though I might have to come down with some 24 hour bug or something. I've heard that is going around these days.
Hey Randy, Thanks for the reminder. They were suppose to have that up and running in Jan. I checked the website and they are now saying mid Feb.

Mumbles, If your on the Kitsap Pen. you should hit Cady lake. The wife and I stayed at the B&B there last year and I got into some HUGE fish.

Ed Call

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Thanks Islander, I'll have to check that out. A few of my friends have suggested Cady but I've yet to wander out that way. Despite its reputation for good fishing it is further than many other good options. When gas prices were so bad I stayed close, now that they are down a bit I can stretch my legs a bit I guess. Thanks again.
mumbles if you are gonna make the trek all the way up here to fish you should fish pass in april or may.

lone is great, especially once the chironomids start coming off. it fishes very consistent for cookie cutter 16-20" hard fighting fish. i even got 2 23"'rs last march.

but pass is a much more interesting lake IMO. great chiro hatch, some callibaetis, nice bows and your best local shot at a trophy brown or even a tiger.

you can also hit both lakes in one full day of fishing. i did that twice last year. i like lone but i always end up back at pass. plus if you make the trek up here i will not only bless you with my presence i will also provide the tilt and kippered herring snacks. on the house!

Ed Call

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Sean, the presence I'll gladly take. The tilt and kippered herring snacks you can keep. I'd rather eat bananas or my own vomit I think. My wife eats those kippered herring snacks and they do nothing positive for me. Wait until you meet me, then meet me again under the influence of some energy drink. Not a pretty site, normally I'm all jacked up on pepsi or coca-cola anyway. I will certainly arrange one of my Fridays off to make a full fledged two lake day trip. Why not?
Sean, the presence I'll gladly take. The tilt and kippered herring snacks you can keep. I'd rather eat bananas or my own vomit I think.QUOTE]

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

little known fact:

bill dance bathed in tilt and ate only kippered herring and elmers glue. this combination helped to create the single greatest fishermen of recorded history.

big shoes to fill, but i try to reach only for the sky.

Ed Call

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I just puked into my beer bottle, you are grossing me out. Rest assured, that beer is mine and so is that food...bottoms up! I knew I did not like that William Dancing fellow for some reason.

Were you on the water (Lone) this past Wed?
No, I was still helping my buddy put in a floor. It took a lot longer than we planned. I guess when you start at 10am, quit at 3 and start drinking beer, it doesn't go in real fast. If the weather is good next week I will be hitting it, maybe Pass also.
If I get a chance to go this week, I'll give you a holler. Wouldn't mind meeting up with you if it wouldn't scare ya' too bad.

I seem to have that effect on fish and women.:)
Let me know, it's suppose to rain for a couple days and then clear Wed. or Thurs. I haven't fished in over 2 weeks and I'm having withdrawals.

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