2009 Pink run

Ian Broadie

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Nice!! which rod? it does kind of get old muscling all that line out there all day. although ive got a new toy as well so we'll see how it goes this time around. so far so good.
I've got the TFO Deer Creek Switch, currently I use a 350 grain rio shooting head it works really well and when I don't screw up all I do is lift, one false cast, then launch. There are times where 40 feet of shooting head, poly leader and tippet is a pain to keep from driving in to the water/beach behind me so I think I'm gonna try the Rio Skagit short lines around 375 grains and take 10 feet off of the initial lift.

Last summer while monkeying around and practicing I was able to launch a few casts clear across cracker bar in Sultan. :beer2:

Jeremy Floyd

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I don't think you are "undergunned" with a 5 wt. The fish aren't exactly bruisers. The average one is 3-6lbs. My rod of choice is a 6wt. Use 8 lb leader and you can horse them with just about any rod.


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Hello, my name is Kerry and I have fished for pinks before.

Year before last I had a serious bout with my moral values and while fishing for searun cutthroat I noticed a fairly large number of pinks milling about. I tied on a bright pink woolly bugger (don't know why it was in my fly box, Weymouth must have put it in there when I wasn’t looking) and started fishing it on the surface very slowly, similar to fishing a popper, over where the pinks were. Almost every return had a strike and most resulted in a hookup. I hate to admit it but the first 3 or 4 fish were fun then I came to my senses and moved to a place devoid of slimers.
people love to hate em. but those are generally the same ones you ended up seeing at the shop with a load of pink clousers.

there was someone on this forum who will remain unnamed that flapped his molars about the disgusting pink salmon but who i gave flies to on the skykomish a few runs back. sucka!


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I actually do hate them. Not the fish themselves, but what they bring to some of our fisheries. As I mentioned in an early post on this thread, once they hit the rivers you'll get to witness some of the worst angling ethics you'll ever see. I quit fishing them in rivers years ago after seeing what folks will do just to take home a limit of humpsters.
Just my preference, but I'd rather target silvers in the salt then humpies in the rivers.

As far as fishing them in the salt, go for it. Shit, you might even catch something besides a humpy even if you do decide to use a pink clouser. :D


Ed Call

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Is that photo for real? I've seen some really morphed salmon but never pinks. I've seen the WDFW drawings but that is really cool body change. Since I'm looking for stupid fish the more the merrier. If there are millions I'm bound to stumble across a dumb one or two.

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