Line Life and Detergent

Does washing a fly line with detergent shorten its lifetime?

I had grown accustom to washing my reel and line in dilute dishwashing detergent after a day on the salt. I had a fly line that acted like it went bad all of a sudden with lots of micro cracks all along the line.

I see a lot of line manufacturers marketing their products as self lubricating. I am assuming this lubrication is plasticizers that leech out of the plastics over time. I got to think that detergent capable of washing away grease can also start to rob a line of "lubricant". Maybe that is why the whole line appeared to crack to hell at one time.

I am starting to second guess the idea of washing my line with some soap.



MA-9 Beach Stalker
I just use fresh water and a clean rag to clean my saltwater lines, and no problems. Soap shouldn't be needed unless you cast into an oil slick. The fly line will suffer nicks and abrasions in the field over time and nothing lasts forever. Keep it simple.
I used to use dish detergent but found I was having the same issues. I started to just rinse and then soak over night in fresh water. I use a line cleaner/lube after about 6 trips (about every two to three weeks).

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