Save the Burley Lagoon

What is the best solution for Burley Lagoon/ 302?

  • Build North of the lagoon by building a road off Hwy16

    Votes: 15 34.9%
  • 302 is fine the way it is don't do anything.

    Votes: 4 9.3%
  • Just destroy the lagoon and build a bridge through the middle of it

    Votes: 24 55.8%

  • Total voters

Bob Balder

Willing to learn anything...
I think my biggest problem is someone trying to bring their fight here. I can understand if it's a long standing (or even a fairly new member) doing it, as long as they've participated on the site. But this is pure trolling for support over a bridge that is going to displace the original poster (I do believe he said he'd have to move). So I see some bias there. Especially over how he worded the poll above. No class at all IMHO.

Jerry you have just said it all.
A poll of this nature and the ensuing thread, has in my opinion, no place on this forum when originated by someone trolling for support. I quite frankly find it offensive and without merit.
Perhaps the Seattle Times or a similar liberlal rag would be a better forum for this.
Just my two pennies.

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