Pattern Trout Flies

wooly buggers, pats stones, Elk hair caddis, variety of nymphs(PTs, Copper Js, lightening bugs, brassies, etc)

just practice n get down all the skills. ull crank some out early on that basically look like s*it, but just keep at it and ull figure how to proportion the bugs. in no time ull be crankin out good lookin bugs!

start wit buggers though, those are pretty easy and generally the starting place of most fly tying books youll come across.

good luck! :thumb:

ive used you tube also

if your new to tying, just seeing pics of people's completed flies isnt gonna do much for you IMO because you dont know the steps to get there. now once you learn the basic jist of certain kinds of flies, youll be able look at a fly and kinda know how and what to replicate it with.

so id either use the site recommended by REE above, use youtube, go buy a book, or take a tying class at ur local fly shop. or sometimes ive searched google for a pattern and come across orvis' web pages that have the fly recipe and step by step instructions with pics that have also been useful.
i should say too that by no means am i an expert or anything, ive only been tying for a year or so, but thats how i got into it and learned.

just my 2 cents...

good luck

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
when i started tying i watched youtube videos to get some patterns now my favorite pattern is a black foam beattle with a peacock body

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