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I have a very high tech method for protecting my camera from the elements. It consists of two zip lock bags. I nearly lost my camera in the drink last time I was on the water. Anyone come across and better methods?
Yep... got tired of my wife telling me I was an idiot for dropping the family digital in the drink!:eek:

Check the auction sites. You can get an older model for pretty cheap.

Ed Call

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1) Leave it at home.
2) Leave it in the car so the tweakers can steal it.
3) There are some small waterproof boxes made of lexan with rubber gasket seals, I got a variety of them at Sportsman's Warehouse.
4) The afore mentioned zip lock bags.\
5) Inside your waterproof as they are.
6) I was kidding about #1 and #2 above. I generally use 3, 4 or 5 myself with pretty good success.


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I guess I use the low tech method: a single zip lock plastic bag. I figure if it gets dunked, it's not going to be under water for a long time, so I plan the protection proportionate to the principle risk - except that the only useful camera is the ever-ready camera, so I have mine on a neck strap and keep it in my shirt pocket so I will remember to use it should the opportunity occur.

Hey Paul not sure if you saw the dry pack that used to protect the remote for my car alarm but if you look on the link listed below it will take you the aquapac website. They have dry packs for all sorts of stuff (mp3 players, cell-phone, and cameras). They are pretty cheap and for the ones I got it works really well. Looking forward to fishing again soon.


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Go to your local Circuit City...last I checked 30% off digital cameras. I noticed they did have the optimus 850sw (waterproof, shockproof, etc.) at the one I stopped at here in Denver.

I have one and it has been great. It should meet most peoples fishing/outdoor needs.
it's helpful to look at waterproofing options as you would insurance. cameras get really wet in two different ways. first they get dropped in the water, second the person with the camera gets dropped in the water. in the first instance attaching the camera securely to the person is the solution. neck straps, being very uncomfortable by nature, get neglected so look into a harness that's more comfortable, use it at all times and the first way is protected. the second way is where waterproof bags and waterproof cameras come into play. keeping the camera on above mentioned harness and inside your waders will protect it most of the time, addition of a ziplock will protect it much of the rest of the time, not wading where you are likely to fall will take care of some of the rest. It seems that for most anglers the actual risk of getting a camera very wet is pretty small. now the insurance comparison. my olympus with a 10X zoom costs about $250. a protection system would cost about 1/2 of that. This seems to be a pretty consistent ratio. Now if you drive a $20000 car or truck that is like paying $10000 a year for auto insurance or if your house is worth 300000 like paying 150000 a year for homeowners. If you are that sure that you are going for a serious tumble into the water you really should consider spending the money on life insurance rather than a camera bag. Paying 1/2 the cost of anything to protect it just is not a good investment. Going with a ziplock and common sense may eventually result in a ruined camera, but you will already have saved 1/2 the cost of a new one so replacing the drowned one won't be too much of a burden, and let's face it the old one will probably be obsolete anyway.

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