(NFR) Show me your tat

Guess I am bored but wanted to show you all my new tattoo of a mahi mahi I just got. Plus the Wallace family crest which my brother (rt), nephew (L) and I (M) got.

Just wanted to see if anyone else out there has any great fishing tattoo's.



My best one is from a Halibut hook while longlining in the Gulf...ripped my ringfinger from the palm to the tip...oh wait, that's a scar! Not much for tatoos, but those are cool....sure glad it wasn't a ratfish!:rofl:

John Paine

Resident fishing dork
Wow....I'm not normally much of a tatoo person, but that Mahi Mahi is seriously three shades of BAD-ASS!!! Very nice work. May I ask where (or from whom) you got that done?


still an authority on nothing
I've got a few, mostly from Hepatitis C-days in the orient....no, I test negative but I'm lucky.

my favorite is three tiger sharks tearing through a tuna net, fighting over a fish...on the remains of my left bicep:hmmm: one shark is probably in my armpit by now.
sorry, no digital camera yet, but my Bday is coming up.

Wallaces- kickass burns man. Family pride:thumb:

remember, one day you'll be like me--your tattoos will be older than your employees:D

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