Swap Early Spring Midge Swap


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Deadline extended to 7th due to website maintenance...

FINAL STATUS 3/20/09 (following were mailed out to participants):
1. Steeli, Black/purple larva lace emerger, bloody griffith's knat- Ready to fly
2. Jim S, BH Larva Lace Pupa, Shellback emerger - Received
3. Ron M - Red Butt Buzzer, Chromie - Received
4. Daryle H, 2 Buzzer Patterns - Received
5. Ribka - Neeeeeever received.
6. Zach, ice cream cone epoxy buzzer, olive zebra midge- Received
7. Eric T, Tungsten BH Green/Red Ultra Wire, BH Red Chironomid - Received

Looking for some experienced tyers to share a few of your favorite chironomid patterns. Thinking 8 tyers to share 2 patterns each; any midge stage is fine. Early spring fishing is waiting for us, so deadline is set for March 4th; mailback by the 9th.
I'd like to join this one. I would tie my emerger that evolved from learning the Lasha Raccoon and viewing many emerging naturals. I'm not big on stillwater midge pupa, but I tie a #20 bh larvalace midge that is my best producer for big browns in spring creeks. Sound okay?
My hand is healing from the spey swap so I'll get in on this one, I'm going to try our Folks from England and copy two of their Buzzers, once I tie them I'll post a photo to see if everyone wants a copy.


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Sounds good everyone; looks like we're 4 of 8 tyers so far. I don't have a preference for size; whatever you think produces best for you. Most midges probably somewhere in the 14-18 range. I recently saw links to those buzzer patterns; they look great.


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Would be interested too

I have a soft hackle midge pattern that has worked great here in WA and BC and a dry pattern or can do a blood worm
Thank you steeli and midge swappers for inviting me. I am due to join in a WFF swap but time is still against me on this one.

I would possibly let other swappers down elsewhere.

Next time please. Pretty please.



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I've got one pattern completed and working on a second. I'm enjoying this swap, for a I might tweak sizes and patterns and they're pretty quick to tie up. My flybox is definitely going to be stocked well.... Even if two other's do not sign in, I'm still up for swapping with six. Still think we'll get another couple out there that can tie up some midges and join in.

Sorry, but may be next time Loopy?

Zach, did you ask your friend?

I'm fine with pushing the deadline out some days if it helps others to joing in. Ok with others?
Doesn't matter to me, we could go with original timeline or bump it out a little, up to you. I'm cool with swapping with six as well - either way.