Steelhead Stone Shampoo

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A little background: Robast and I went out on a short fishing trip to the Elwah yesterday, great views, great company, skunked. He sacrificed a longer day on the water for bringing my sorry butt home in time for me to make dinner, entertain my daughters and keep out of hot water. Background over.

Late last night, probably about 11pm: While drinking beer and bullshitting with the misses she had a revalation. "Tomorrow is Valentine's Day" she says. I said, "I know, I'm all set". She admitted that she had not done anything to get ready. I informed her that I had done enough for the girls and not to worry. Then out of nowhere she says "How about you get up early, go fishing somewhere and give me and the girls until about noon to be alone". I said, "Okay, I'm headed to bed".

Got up at 5, set out all their cards and gifts, truck was still packed from yesterday so I'm out by about 5:20.

This is why I posted this thread: At about 7:40 I returned to the mud infested construction zone where Robast parked his truck for us to get it all muddied up. I hiked down behind the Elwah hatchery down the roadways that trail the huge water pipes. After about a half mile I headed toward the river around one of the big gates. Got to about the place that Rob and I saw the two hander fishing between us yesterday. Worked that side down, down, down. Rob will hate me for what I'm about to say...but I've got to say it. I made it down to the next boat tied to the bank (opposite the side he and I fished yesterday). I had seen a guy enter the river here yesterday and even told Rob about it. Ten, maybe twelve casts later after starting, casting, swinging, stepping STRETCHOMATIC. Holy freaking crap, fish on. Just a few moments later I had a small, probably five and a half or six pound hen to hand, hatchery, healthy looking and pretty darn bright. Ample tools around my feet and I found a nice stone and applied a heaping helping of steelhead stone shampoo. Someone pinch me, ouch, that crap hurt, it is for real. Checked my watch, just about 9am, great timing. Plenty of time to stop at Robast's favorite bagel shop then hit the highway home so I can get there before my noon date with my ladies. Got home, house was empty. Cleaned my little hen, put half into some marinate and half into a foodsaver bag. Got the kitchen cleaned up before the garage door opened and the girls returned home.

Not sure what the ladies did today. I still have not seen a card for me, but there is one of my favorite candy bars...jumbo sized...sitting on the counter. We had a nice dinner, I just got the girls off to sleep and now I'm going look for a beer and that Zero Bar.

Happy Freaking Valentines Day to all...two days until I'm out agian. This time I'm going with my buddy in his drift boat to scope out the Hoh. Maybe my talentless self can get lucky again. Thanks to those that have given me bits and peices of what seemed to get me lucky today. Once I figure out who's steelhead swap fly produced I'll thank them via a PM! I guess I owe that tyer a beer too!:beer2:

Last time my "first" steelhead which was a hatchery smolt. Quickly I was told it was just a rainbow until it went out and grew up. This time you'll bag on it being a stupid hatchery fish, bag all you want. This will end up being one hell of a for day weekend for me.

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Good on you Mumbles!! It is freaking awesome to finally shake that gorilla off your back huh??? Sounds like and awesome valentines day. You also sound like the ultimate provider! Again congrats!


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wasn't it me who said last night "the hookup cometh"?
maybe it was post #2500 turned the mojo.:)
congrats Mumbles!

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Robast, sorry man, I owe you a beer. I should have suggested we hike that route yesterday. I had done it years ago for silvers.

Thanks all...Bob, maybe you gave me some karma. Whatever it was I liked it and hope it happens more often. Don't think I'm getting my hopes up. I'm ready to start my next 1,000 casts in futility. You all know that I'm even more hopelessly hooked now and the wife will expect fish every time I head out to the water. That will certainly be hard to live up to.


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"POP!".......Did ya hear that? I think I know that sound. Congrats man! Tell me you got a pic of you first bit of steel!
Either way, Cheers,

Ed Call

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I had my camera yesterday and took a picture or two of Robast hoping I'd be able to post it with a good report. Actually put the camera on the cradle to download the pics and did not take it with me. Once I got home I was in full on survival mode to clean that little hen before the ladies arrived. I should have at least took one on the kitchen counter before I slabbed her out. I guess her size was not that impressive and I was not thinking about how this was my first steelhead on a fly. I've done that first thing with gear fish. Regardless, dinner was nice.

And the fly tying winner is: Who tied this? I don't know why, but I tied this fly on after moving down from another area. I guess I liked the colors. I didn't even like my first knot, so I cut it off and retied it.