Steelhead Stone Shampoo


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I looked in the swap forum and that fly looks like the one TyinBug's created.
BTW congrats on the fish, I guess you are not just all talk anymore :rofl:

Welcome to the club and a well told story indeed. Hmmm did you say beer, yes I might have one and sit down, enjoy the 500 and think of all those Ronde fish swimming around in the deep blue....

Tight Loops,


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Robast, sorry man, I owe you a beer. I should have suggested we hike that route yesterday. I had done it years ago for silvers.

Thanks all...Bob, maybe you gave me some karma. Whatever it was I liked it and hope it happens more often. Don't think I'm getting my hopes up. I'm ready to start my next 1,000 casts in futility. You all know that I'm even more hopelessly hooked now and the wife will expect fish every time I head out to the water. That will certainly be hard to live up to.
Mumbles, you're too nice of a guy to deserve my karma:clown:
first one's always the hardest. Well, sometimes a long dry spell will test your character too.
congrats again, smells better around here without that SKONK

Ed Call

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Well did, Mumbles. You are an inspiration.
Henceforth ye shall be referred to as Lord Mumbles, Steelheader.
Itchy, come on, I can never live up to that nickname. How about I just remain Mumbles, talks a lot and gets way luckier than he deserves on a rare occasion.

The next ones will be easier. Jim
Thanks Jim, and all the others. As I see the cast of characters responding I can recall all the tips, ties and direction that many of you have given me. I don't know about anything being easier...I'll hope that my luck does not run out. Better to be lucky catching stupid hatchery fish than mentally abused by the crafty wild fish.

Thanks again. Ed

Oh, and of course I owe a beer or more to tinybugs if that is the fly he tied. I guess I better learn to tie that one (can I get a pattern formula?) is now officially my go to pattern when fished on my rio multi-tip with type 3 sink on my 8wt Loomis GLX 10' that was never quite yellowlab's it became mine. Holy crap the more that I think of this the more chapters of foundation this story is built upon before my first lucky outing.

John Paine

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Ed....just read your report.....Outstanding, and well done, sir!!!! You have now officially caught ONE more Steelhead than I have!

Don't worry about the pic...a picture of a steelhead on the counter or in the sink is no way to remember such a beautiful fish. Always carry a camera and if you choose to keep a hathery fish, get a pre-bonk snap. Besides, your first steel head will live on in your memory, I know mine does...and I'm glad I don't have a picute of that wild kilt, because to me she was just plain beautiful!

Congrats Mumbles!


Matt Smith

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Nicely done sir!!!!! Way better than that little bow you caught earlier huh.:rofl::rofl:
Still looking for my first, but your hook up gives me inspiration. I will double my efforts here in the last couple of weeks on the S rivers. :thumb::thumb::thumb:

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