articulated minnow/nymph

Nymph-o-Minnow-ac has been a productive pattern for me for many years throughout the Midwest and Southeast. It has fooled many species, particularly STEEL. Please give it a try and let me know if it works for you in the West.


has never caught a steelhead... (its sad, I know)
Very nice work. I especially like the segmented underbody. Is that latex? Nymph skin?

I'm also curious about the fur you use on the head. Is it picked-out dubbing? Something spun on a loop?
Thanks gents.

rear hook: daiichi 1850 (vertical eye)
tail:griz marabou
underbody:Thornton Nymph Skin
overbody: grizzly marabou
collar: pheasant aftershaft

front hook: daiichi x510 or similar
overtail/junction: grizzly marabou
undertail/junction: grizzly marabou
thorax: Ice Dub (lt. yellow)
hackle: Whiting Brahma (gold)
wing: Australian possum
eyes: plastic bead chain
head: Krystal Dub (dk. hares ear) brushed out with dubbing brush
The LAW Bench Vise was a bit out of my price range so I'm tying on a Snowbee-Waldron vise that I like very much. It's been a workhorse for a couple of years now.