30 lb steelhead on the hoh

Go fishing for awhile, and see the state of our wild fish for yourself. Then let us know what you think.

another Eric
Thanks. No flame taken. I am having a hard time putting into words my actual thoughts. I only fish when I want to eat fish, but I find it thoroughly fantastic at the same time!

I LOVE fishing. But not enough to take 2 weeks time out to go fishing just to toss them back. Just not my way.

I take less than 20 fish per year in ALL species combined. And I will bet 37 cents that my caught and taken 20 will have less environmental impact than 100 fish caught and then released again...

But once again I am arguing... And I need to stop defending myself, I fish less and catch less than anyone else on this board, which by your standards, would mean less impact environmentally on the fish than what y'all do annually. :p
so this has me thinking, what could we do to avoid this situation from happening again? here is an idea for the WSC, CCA types out there.

you could also put a "kills wild fish" mug shot board of shame too for every guide that posts a pic of a wild fish from this season on their site......

I really like that one! It would get my vote!
I can see your point of view, having just emerged from saltwater fishing. It is a totally different world.

Yes steelhead are delicious, but wild steelhead are very rare. The more you kill, the fewer there will be. I'll leave it at that.

JD, not a bad idea. I wonder if large scale PR/awareness campaigns like that would be within the budget of our conservation orgs..
if only you knew :rolleyes:......... but then aren't you a newbie?? (doh!):beathead: :clown:
Fine I'll officially expire my attitude and concede you the victory! But I need fishing lessons before I go out and hurt these fish! I last fished in the U.K. with size 22 barbless eyeless hooks in my flies...

I didn't catch crap until I got into the mid teens...

Ed Call

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Jason Decker, great ideas on the advertising possibilities. As I read it I was thinking museum display for steelhead and then read it as you typed it.

I know this thread has gone off and back on track, but based on much of what I've read I think that I'm gonna start knocking off those pileated woodpeckers, nutthatches, stellars jays and of course the cornish hen of all birds...the humming birds to see:
1) What will my kids think of me killing the birds we attract in our backyard.
2) How will they taste?
3) How long will the supply last before they are all gone?
4) Can my fly tying materials benefit from such a philosophy?
Sorry, I'll try to get back on track.
And one more thing.. for Manimal, and others who see hypocrisy in CnR fishing:

Simply put; if we couldn't fish for them, we wouldn't care about them - and we would let the fish and their habitat disappear.

If you want to look at things from the fishes point of view, hooking mortality is a small price to pay for the protection we fishermen provide them.
Woah there Hossenpfeffers.... I already said I give up :)

Also, I NEVER EVER claimed to be an endangered species taker!

Also again, I likely take less fish in a lifetime than any oe of you do in 5 years of fishing, so climb on your own backs not mine.

I also support that the Brit was in the wrong to kill such a magnificent fish, but I if they're as ass nasty as you all say then there's absolutely no reason for me to fish for them!

I can't believe that there are still several people that don't understand that...

Simply put; if we couldn't fish for them, we wouldn't care about them - and we would let the fish and their habitat disappear

I do not and have never looked at it that way. I have a hard time believeing that anyone would!

If I'm not allowed to take something then I won't fish for it. Simple. But the does NOT mean that I don't care for them as a species, and it does not mean that I would support their extinction. To say otherwise will get you a boken nose!:mad:

The thread is about an ass that killed a magnificent fish, and everyone here agrees that it was wrong.

Although I am a catcher and an eater, I'd not have taken such a strong and large fish from the world that it was one of the last of, and where that fish alone could likely have propagated half of the years run of his or her species for that river! Not a chance I'd have kept it or killed it!

Besides, I don't have a frying pan that would hold it :p
Easy Kool, I wasn't directing any of that at you. Just at the idea that CnR fishing is hypocritical if one actually cares about the fishery.

I wasn't saying anyone is supporting extinction. My point was that if fisherman are not actively engaged in a fishery, they will be less inclined to fight for it and it will be more likely to slip away. I firmly believe that a CnR fishery does far more good for the fish population than it does harm - and hence, there is no hypocrisy in it.

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