30 lb steelhead on the hoh


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Those pictures make me sick!
He was so emotionally scarred that he paraded the fish around forks, then took it to Waters West in P.A. on the way home!
Too emotionally scarred to take a bunch of pictures of it in several of the classic poses I hate to see a Wild Steelhead in!

What an Asshole. That Loomis spey rod will be in a few more pieces if I ever see him fishing out there!!!
What a tragedy! English Pete is an asshole for killing this fish plain and simple. In the first picture the fish looks exhausted but was not bleeding from the gills, this guy killed it out of impulse-- he thought to himself that he had a chance at a record (selfish and foolishly), killed the fish, took it to be weighed, bragged about it online and to the press, and then realized his mistake and made up a bs story. What a shame.


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I agree with some of the comments about Pete's story not adding up. If the fish was hooked where he said it was, and the photo suggests it was hooked in the corner of the jaw, then there should have been no bleeding of consequence. Had the fly hooked a gill arch, then the remark about the fish bleeding severely makes sense. It looks more like the fish began bleeding severely after he hit it on the head with a rock.

Not that a Monday morning post-game analysis matters. He took his fish legally, and now he gets to live with all the natural and logical consequences.

i've heard first hand accounts from Jeff Brazda and second hand accounts attributed to Jim Kerr, both of whom, were on the river with Pete and the fish.
The fish was not bleeding from the gills until the rakers where pulled. there was NO effort to revive the fish whatsoever and it was promptly bonked once landed.

i sure hope he does not get the record, maybe he clipped his fly off !
like Alpinetrout mentioned on thebigpull blog, if that is not attached to the leader,
no record.

english pete knew full well what he was doing, no mistakes about that.
in my mind, he is ethically on par with the "kill Em All Boyz" on the front page of the
Seattle Times this weekend, the only difference is what pete did was unfortunately legal.

sure wish brazda wasn't such a nice frickin huge redneck, his size 14 boots would be perfect justice

especially since he spent the next 2 days after he caught it driving around trying to show it off.
he's so lame with his fake "i feel so bad", both the article in the paper and his email are just a bunch of excuses.

i feel bad for the waters west fly shop since he was wearing their hat in the photos.
he should get banned from every local shop this side and op side of cabelas or sportsman warehouse.

if anyone wants to write him a note, his address is on the big pull blog

i wonder how much it cost to mail a box of dog poop?!



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This guy's bio (according to the ZEGRAHM & ECO EXPEDITIONS website) describes him as an "active conservationist" who is known for his "quick thinking" and "derring-do" deeds. LOL

Yeah, the heroic and clever Englishman that bravely bonked the brains out of an exceptional wild steelhead to save it from certain, painful suffocation (not to mention the tortuous rigors of reproduction) using only the rocks at hand to dispatch the afflicted…meanwhile, the Hoh to close early (again) in a desperate attempt to meet pathetic escapement goals. Time to update that bio I’d say..."Meet English Pete - the asshole". :beathead:
Wow, this is like Bob Jacklin x 10.......I'm with the crowd on this one, but all the bitching in the world will never bring ANY wild fish back from the dead.
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