BEAVER LAKE (Clallam Co.)


Do it outside!
I drove by BEAVER LAKE (Clallam Co.) and thought... damn, if only I had my gear today! What great looking lake. Anyone fish this one? I love the low hanging trees on the East side. And the concentration of weeds along the N/W/South side.

I'll be headed back some day soon!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Lake has a good population of smaller cutts. When I fished it, I caught a bunch of 7" to 9"+ fiesty little buggers, working off those shorelines you mentioned. I liked the far shore, as it was farthest from the road noise. The place is so beautiful that I didn't even mind the trucks going by.

Take a 3 wt or even smaller if you have it. I was using a 6 wt because that was all I had at the time. I think even my 4 wt would be a little heavy, but still plenty of fun.
I forget what flies I was using.
For some strange reason, the cutts don't get very big in there, or else they leave when they get over 9".

Ed Call

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... damn, if only I had my gear today!
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot pfournier, if you only had your gear (I know you mean fly fishing gear) but what on earth are you doing leaving the house without the ability to fish? Toss an old beater stick and box of utility files with one of a few patterns for wherever and whenever...if it gets snatched from your rig you won't miss it but it will always be there if you get a chance to hit a lake, stream, creek, river or beach.


Do it outside!
Romeo Oscar Tango Foxtrot, I almost spit whatever was in my mouth at the time through my nose when I read your post. hahahahaha. Mumbles you are gifted with your choice of words! Gear, yeah I did say gear. But you are correct, make no mistake, its ONLY flyfishing GEAR. Oh, did I tell you I also stick and chironomid fish with BOBBERS? :) I love how that prickles the traditional guys. But hey, I catch a ton of fish with barbless hooks, release them unharmed, and repeat. You are right though, I do need to rig myself a little 5 or 6 piece rod and a small box of flies. I'll put that on the list!


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Tons of little cutts in there very fun lake to fish. If you go down into the far end of the lake by where the beaver dams are I caught a couple 12-13" last time out but be real careful handling these guys cause theres not a lot of them. I had great luck with an olive sparkle yarn emerger!

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