HOOKS: Dia Riki vs. Daiichi vs. Tiemco

What are you guys using for your trout flies?? I tie on all three brands and I've heard mixed reviews on Dia Riki but I have yet to have a problem with them. Which are the sharpest/strongest? Just wonderin...


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I prefer Dai-ichi and Tiemco (seem to be sharper) but I regularly tie with the Dai Riki. I stay away from Mustad as they seem to be dull and week.


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Another vote for Tiemco, I have tried Di Riki and didn't care for them....just didn't seem to get solid hookups. Another to consider is Montana Fly Company....out of necessity tried them and they did fine.


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I've tied on just about all of them. I've probably tied most often on Tiemco, just because they are readily available at most shops and seem to have the largest selection of styles, including the biggest variety of barbless hooks, which are my preference. Any modern hook, including the newer Mustads, are strong and usually chemically sharpened. One manufacturer you haven't mentioned is Gamakatsu which I find myself tying on more and more. I particularly like their black nickel-finished steelhead hooks (T10-3H and T10-6H).

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My vote goes to any hook of any brand that you think looks best in the size and wire gauge you want. Most contemporary hooks are sharp enough and strong enough for you average trout.

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I have to vote for Tiemco for my trout flies. I have had mustad hooks break at the bend, more then once, both were streamer patterns. For saltwater I really like Gamakatsu, sharp right out of the box, and no problems with breakage.

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I look for the bargains with all 3. Use Gamakatsu for stingers. I also carry a file and sharpen most my hooks, especially my nymph hooks. I tend to bounce my flies off a lot of rocks and such. LOL
I tie most of my trout flies in Daiichi, Tiemco, Mustad, Gaelic Supreme, Grip and Kamasan hooks. Different hook styles and manufacturers for different patterns and what I want the fly to do in the water.


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I use Dia-Rikis, Tiemcos, and Gamas...I like the Dia-Riki 700's for streamers, the Tiemcos and Gama's for nymphs and dries. the Gamas seem to be by far the sharpest but in my experience with flies in sizes 14 and smaller, the hook seems to bend after about a half dozen decent sized fish.


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Gamakatsu's aren't so available for tying at my local shops, but they are my favorite all around hook. I use them for stingers, eggs, tubes and the sort.

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My vote goes to any hook of any brand that you think looks best in the size and wire gauge you want.
Sage comment, Tim. Wire gauge, in my opinion, is an extremely overlooked component of hook selection.

Each manufacturer seems to have strengths in varying hook models/types. For example, Gamakatsu offers very good saltwater hook styles (bad thing, though, once the points get dinged they're not easy to sharpen); Tiemco offers a huge variety of very good hook styles, particularly trout hooks Daiichi makes great hooks.

Back to your original inquiry:

Dai Riki hoks are a good value; twice as many hooks for the same price as the others. However, they have a limited selection of models, and the hooks aren't as sharp (but are still sharp) as Tiemco or Daiichi.

Check out the Targus hooks, if you're looking for value. Tiemco with a different name . . .

Ford or Chevy? Both Daiichi and Tiemco have their supporters and detractors. They're both good. As Tim noted, buy the brand that offers the hook style and wire gauge that you want.
I tie with all brands but when using Dia Riki's I have learned to always pinch the barb before I put it in the vise. They seem more brittle than other hooks.
Not to Hi-jack this post but..... has anyone tried the Fly Shop brand hooks from The Fly Shop in Redding,CA. I saw thay had some 60 degree jig hooks which I wanted to try but haven't seen locally.


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I tie on mustads, and tiemcos primarily. I like mustads for small stuff and the 3407 is a pretty great hook even though you have to sharpen it (given 100 tiemcos are like $50 and 100 mustands are like $30 I dig the mustads)

Anybody try the new mustad hooks yet?

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