HOOKS: Dia Riki vs. Daiichi vs. Tiemco

Daiichi here. They offer styles that I cant find with any other manufacturer (like the X510). Plus, it helps to be on the Pro Staff.:beer2:

shawn k

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Not to Hi-jack this post but..... has anyone tried the Fly Shop brand hooks from The Fly Shop in Redding,CA. I saw thay had some 60 degree jig hooks which I wanted to try but haven't seen locally.

The hooks thE Fly Shop carries are Targus hooks. They are a flyshop exclusive though.


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I tie with all brands but when using Dia Riki's I have learned to always pinch the barb before I put it in the vise. They seem more brittle than other hooks.
I started tying on the Tiemco's and I really like their quality, but I decided they were a bit expensive for a beginner hack like me. The owner of the local shop suggested Dai Riki's (claimed that's what he uses) so I used those for a couple years. I've landed a lot of fish on Dai Riki sz 8 scud hooks, but I steer away from that brand after losing a handful of steelhead to broken hooks one winter. I agree w/ wolverine that they are more brittle than other brands; they typically broke at the beginning of the gap. I think the Dai Rikis are fine for trout or smaller fish, but I don't trust them steelheading anymore. I've recently been tying on Daiichi's and like them so far.
I use Tiemco and Daiichi the most since thats mainly what the local shop carrys. I have used the small caddis nymph mustad signiture hooks and like them. I bought some of The Fly shop's hooks when they first came out, and after the 6 months or so on back order they showed up so I tied with them. Didnt break any but a month or so later I got another package from them with more hooks and a letter explaining all the delays and some other issues and wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of with the quality hooks they wanted to sell. 6 packs of 25 for free, I'm not complaining, good peeps


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With hooks, you get what you pay for. In other words, the better hooks will always cost more and cheap hooks are false economy, just like with cheap imported tying vises.
My vote is for Daiichi, the use in all my flies, my favorite models are 1120 Size 6 and 8, 1720 Size 4 and X510 Size 4 for my flies articulate Rio Grande Queen
i use the dairiki #810 almost exclusively for articulated bugs. People dont realize how important hook gap is on bigs flies, and this babys got it. Its their bass hook and its saltwater ready although it isnt stainless. IGFA shark records have been landed on this hook. Very very durable hook, although I am sure there are sharper... Set the hook better. At one point i was using all gamakatsu but I was breaking hook points off a small guy off fat chick in the club.
Since I dont tie many nymphs or dries, I m just going to leave out my other 1 cent.

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