Any steel this week?


I just checked the flows on the East Fork of the Lewisbawling: I'm out of town and looks like I'm missing perfect conditions. Has anybody had luck on the SW WA rivers since the 25th?

I've been fishing the Fall, Crooked and Metolius for the last two weeks as we house-sit here in Bend. The Metolius kicked my butt as did the Crooked, but the Fall yielded 4 trout - 11" - 13". Got into a BWO hatch and the fish were going crazy, but I didn't have the right BWO fly. Had my luck on a #18 zebra midge.

Bummer hoopa! I was down in vancouver last week and tried the washougal everyday with no luck. I will be back down there next week, but with my luck I will miss all the 'perfect' conditions in my quest for my first steel. I really need to feel a fish on the end of the line, it's been wayyyy tooo long!!!


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Fished the Kalama Saturday for a few hours. Saw about 500 anglers and 0 fish. I'll never understand why that river is more crowded in the Winter than the Summer...


I'll be fishing the EFL on Thursday. Probably will try a change in tactics, too. While WFF was down I was reading another forum about, "In pocket water, nothing catches more steelhead on a fly than a dead drift". This article described a huge indicator made of macrame polyester rope, fluffed up, that sounds interesting. Kind of like trailing a huge nymph under an enormous dry fly on a floating line.

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