A bit o' boat work... Bras de Fer Revisited

Jim Speaker

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Oh, right, so one of the things I was finishing up about the time the forums went down... did a bunch of work over several days to sorta upgrade the Bras de Fer aka SpeyspazCraft (tm) The decking etc that Bob put in is awesome - indeed a lot of well thought out work.

Added a wood floor with Cabela's ToughCoat traction, anchor pulley and stop, cup holders, changed to scotty rodholder bases, sanded and finished all decking and seats, hull paint, transom paint, um, vhf radio mount, fire ext., prob'ly forgetting something... about 3 days work over 4 days. Oh yeah, seats on stiff swivel mounts... that's what I was forgetting. Duh.

Here's some pics. This is basically what I was seeing in my mind as I contemplated buying this boat and went, "yep."


Rob Ast

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Nice looking upgrades. Amazing what a difference the little touches make (paint/floor/seats) to the over-all look of the craft.
Holy smokes Jim, I didn't realize how much you had done to the boat. The photos you sent me earlier didn't have the before-&-after shots... just the after. Nice work, bud. She looks great! :thumb:


Jim Speaker

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Funny you mention it, after braining a coho with my buck knife the other day it indeed had a bloody deck. I left it that way until I got home, something about the scales and blood just seemed to add to the already amazing mojo of the boat ;)
I'm really tickled that you have proven to be such a "worthy owner" of that sweet little boat, Jim - Spaz would be proud of ya!! :thumb::thumb:

Be sure to let me know when you're ready to "upgrade" to a larger one, okay?


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