Pictures of gear caught fish?


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I come here to hang out with and talk flyfishing. I used to catch steelhead on nightcrawlers when I was a boy in the Green. By the way, for all of you newbs that think steelhead are so technical to catch, they aren't and never have been. There just aren't any of the damn things left. I progessed to flyfishing soon after and have never fished gear again. I don't give a shit about gear caught steelhead pics, and I don't even let spinning rods into my boats. Never have, never will. I have nothing against gear, and my boys who are 12 and 3 toss spinning rods, but that's about it. Somenhow in the last decade, partially due to their endangered status, partially to good marketing and somewhat to population growth, all of a sudden it became really important to land a steelhead in your life. (That is about the same time the bobbers were busted out in earnest with beads and flyrods and other shit and spey rods became a must have piece of gear). Before that, we veterans used to go days without seeing anybody out there gear or fly in winter. We would run into each other, but that's about it. We were fucking crazy they said, and what's the big deal about steelhead? If they are in the river they aren't hard to hook, shit they're just rainbow trout. Nowadays, they are much more important to young fly anglers and I understand why as I stated above. There just aren't alot of them left, and for pete's sake, they are the greatest gamefish that swims. Keep fishing hard boys, whether it be swing, gear or bobbers and flyrods. Alot of the gear pics I see these days are guys yelling, "Look at me! I landed a steelhead!" I think that's great, I really do and am happy for them and look foward to seeing those pics of gear landed steelhead............ ON A FUCKING GEAR SITE. KEEP WFF FLY! Tight lines and go get em! The Coach
I have to agree with the Coach on this one.
Because it's fun.
Good answer!

I think the better question (directed to the OP), is any of this really worth getting all butthurt about? I can think of better things to express nerd rage over than the occasional gear rod in the gallery.
I don't think anybody here is butthurt at all. This is a very interesting discussion. I think about this stuff all the time.

I am a fishing nerd, this is what I care about.

I think everyone needs to go have a big poop and then come back and see if their attitude has changed. Really now, you have a 3 year old holding a fish out of the water on another thread. Why don't we all go rant about that for a while and let this one soak for a bit before making a decision.
I thought this was an interesting discussion about fly fishing and gear fishing and the differences.

This is a question that has been around forever and will never have an answer.

What is wrong with debating it?

I think the only guys that are "butthurt" are the ones who don't care. If you don't care than don't partake.
If this site starts becoming peppered with steelhead caught with gear shots, and 75% of us disappear and go somewhere else, ask Scoones how unimportant or insignificant this post is............. :hmmm: Coach

Like I said, fish however you want legally, when ever you want, but don't expect a flyfisherman to give two shits about your gear caught steelhead. I personally don't believe in bobber fishing with a flyrod, but that is how I fish, it is no indictment of anyone who does. If it's legal and fun, go get em I say. And no, fishing a slinky and a swung sink tip are not the fucking same. How complex is this? The slinky can be literally stopped in one place with proper maniuplation of the thumb on a baitcaster, while the tip must swing all the way through completion. If the tip stops the fly rises in the water column, if the slinky stops the bait can be kept in the strike zone. This ability to stop and start the drift of the slinky or with a noodle rod the dink float and the jig or bait below it, gives the gear fisherman a decided advantage in keeping the bait in the zone. The fly must be presented with vision on where the swing should begin and with the execution of mends, how deep. Too many mends can kill the fly, too little can leave a winter flyrodder swinging in water far above the fish. Some water just swings the fly like we need it to with the proper tip and that is the money water. A gear fisherman does not spend weeks looking for that water as his/her gear gets deep faster and can be mainipulated immediately. They can step in to various pieces of water and with the right slinky, or tubed weight system get at fish in any water from shallow tailouts to deep "King Holes". This is an obvious advantage to the gear fisherman. The gear fisherman gets "bottom" immediately and with reel manipulation keeps it longer in the zone than the fly. Add the use of various scents, on jigs or in the scented use of borax cured eggs (we used to like anise oils) and the milk they bleed off you have another huge advantage and to try to compare the swung fly vs dink floating or drifting is way the fuck off. Not everybody on this site is ignorant to the methods of the "Dark Side". We have nothing against that type of fishing, have done it in the past or still dabble nowadays (like Jason B) but do not want pictures of that bullshit or the fish landed with it on this site. What's so bad about that? So land one on the swing and post it. It feels better anyways. Coach
You are one salty looking dog in that avatar. It's got to be one of the best ones on this site. Tight lines Duffer

PS And for those of you who are getting ready to jump, yes you can slow down, or even pause the fly with proper mending, but not like you can with gear. Keep it fly.

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Give these people a little taste of things different and they all take the bulls by the horn and run with it. All I can say if seeing fish taken by gear, you need to look the other way. Watch the Gallery with blinders on. Or just ignore the gear in the picture.

If you play a fish to long or treat it roughly it will probably die after it swims off. So even if you fished with gear and played it too long it will probably die after it swims off. It is something that you put out of your mind. I fish to have fun and there is nothing anybody can do to change that.


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nymphs for steelhead....
IMO if theres a pic of a gear caught fish in the gallery and someone gets all butthurt about it....then just dont look at it instead of creating a 6 page long rant. Seriously, theres 1 pic of a gear caught fish per every 200 or so pics with fish caught on flies. I dont much care for many of the pics I see on here but I dont bitch about them. Some like seeing pics of a nice steelhead wheather it be gear caught or fly caught, its all in your taste of pics I guess.



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Thanks Coach. Just trying to pick up Mumbles' slack.:thumb::rolleyes:

P.S. This thread read like another troll, but as far as gear caught fish go I don't think there should be a separate gallery, and I don't think it's a big problem on the site. I don't see the point of posting those pics on this site, but whatever floats your boat i guess.


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If you look in my gallery you’ll see a few pictures lately of ‘gear caught’ Steelhead. The fish were caught using a centerpin rod and reel. The reason that I chose to post them here is that more and more ‘fly fishermen’ are using centerpin outfits and telling me how much they enjoy it. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with the tackle and it’s been fun catching fish on something other than a fly rod.
There is a difference between what I’ve been doing and fly fishing. That’s why I’m doing it and also why it’s worth talking about. But centerpin fishing and fly fishing tackle are similar in many ways and there seems to be a lot of crossover appeal. I have no intention of stopping (posting the pictures or fishing that way).
Stay tuned for pictures of my family trip to the Lilac festival.
You know we all buy the same's just all about choices.
I don't feel I have the right to tell some one else how to think. What's next, ford-chevy. beer-wine, gay-straight?
You know we all buy the same's just all about choices.
I don't feel I have the right to tell some one else how to think. What's next, ford-chevy. beer-wine, gay-straight?
For the record. Nobody here is telling anybody "how to think". :beathead:

We all have a right to our opinion and we all know this.

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