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Ed Call

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Eric, I'm still interested but scheduling the right date might be the biggest challenge for me. I certainly would like to put something like this on my calendar.
If you're coming from Boise and heading out of Oregon, it would make sense to fly into Portland and then it isn't that far to the coast. Yo Ed (Mumbles), I can make you a loan of a reel if you need one. I'm planning a tuna trip with Anil this year, too.

Ed Call

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Steve, I've got a Redington Breakwater 11/12 that I'm likely going to use...maybe it melts down...I have no idea. It has some cool karma though...

Two well respected members here have owned this reel and I know they know much more than I do about big fast fish in the salt water. Maybe they moved it along because it was not effective enough, maybe they just upgraded nicely.

I do hope to get onto one of those trips...but I bet I'll be puking my ass off until that first fish is on.

Ed Call

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Thanks Steve. I've heard nothing but good things about the Ross line. I only have one little Ross Rhythm myself, I like it a lot.

As for chumming, I fished a lot when on the Gulf Coast and chummed like that regularly. The few trips I've taken off our PNW coast have been very much the same. It is a long run out but if there is fish I suddenly am healed. If there are no fish then I'm just miserable. I think I recall seing one of Ibn or Anil's vids when there was some mad fish catching going on along with a bit of chum blowing too.
Ed - You'll be fine. Those reels have a good reputation for big fish on long runs.

If you guys are short a rod when the time comes to book - let me know. There is always a possibility that I could pull something like this off...

I'm a definite maybe here, but as far as scheduling goes - my vote would be that it does not overlap with when the Pinks are on the beach here at home..

Lord knows the Pinks are the rarest of all occasions; when decent sized fish are readily available around here...

Ed Call

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Three E's and a JC sounds cool to me. Timing will be everything for me too. I agree with E Herl that we don't leave fish (pinks on the beach) to find fish (human chum off shore). So long as the trip is a one or two day event I can probably pull it off without much time in the doghouse.
The Albacore fishing starts later in the summer, probably late August through October if I'm not mistaken. Since I am a teacher, I rarely get to make a trip because school is just starting. I'm shooting for a late August trip this year. The weather patterns have a great deal to do with it too. It can get pretty nasty in late September and early October.