Aluminum Fly fishing Drift boat refurb project.

Jesse, Really looking forward to your upcoming boat work reports. I have a old 14' Al. that is in need of some TLC, big time. I have no experience with Al. and will be following your lead on this.
Things were done by this antique car restorer. He blasted it, primed it, painted it for $100 as I recall. I could buy the material for what he charged and it's a professional job. Interior white, exterior is sky blue.

Sorry, I can't give more details. Post it on a car restoration site...

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If you're going to all the trouble to refurbish and trick out the boat, I'd recommend not rattle canning the paint. In fact, I'd have the paint applied professionally for best results. I don't know nothin' about painting, but I would assume a professional shop will use a special paint and application process to insure optimal adhesion. Maaco is running a $199 special- saw it advertised along with Sham Wow and male enhancement pills while watching WEC Wreckage late one night ; )
Thanks guys. I will be on the coast this weekend,

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He jumped all over my bad fortune like a hobo on a muffin, and took my spot on a guided steelhead trip down the Sol Duc. I had to step out of the trip because of my neck, and a head injury to my youngest son. Hope he catches a few. I should get the first ride in the boat for being such a good friend. I am going to swing over to inspect the progress. I will take pictures and post them for him.
Thanks for the trip mike! And youre always welcome in my boat! The rhino lining, and wiring will be done this week. I have taken several pictures of the dissassembly portion, and soon I will have a full write up. Thanks for everybodys interest so far, I will keep you all posted.
aw it advertised along with Sham Wow and male enhancement pills while watching WEC Wreckage late one night ; )
Did you write the number down for the Male Enhancement pills? Mike Wilson would be interested I am sure :rofl:
Did you write the number down for the Male Enhancement pills? Mike Wilson would be interested I am sure :rofl:
Only to purchase some for you my friends in need. I know how much you struggle with those kind of things. Never been a problem for me, but some people require a little priming to perform. I do believe you went fishless on the Sol Duc too. Hooked one but your line went limp on the first jump. See what I mean?:beer2:
Just a quick caution. Have you checked the trim of the boat if you have one angler up front and one in the back (where there currently isn't a seat)? Most of these boats set up for NW steelheading with the bench seat up front are designed to have one or two anglers fore. Many of these boats have narrow transoms which means that if you put a guy in the back, you'll be sitting kinda low and the water's going to have a tough time sliding under the boat - this'll lead to it being a pain to keep stopped in the current. At a minimum, you might want to consider some sort of modification to allow adjusting the position of the rower's seat with an additional set of oarlocks further forward.
I have thought of that actually, And I have had a fisherman in the back before sitting on a cooler and actually it performed a little bit better. I assume its because the front of the boat is much wider than the rear, meaning that when there is enough weight in the front to make it "skid" there is more contact surface on the rocks, which causes it to stop. It seems when a fisherman is in the aft of the boat, the front is lifted up a bit and seems to glide over rocks easier... You do catch a little bit in tha back, but everytime i have had the boat hung up in shallow water, it has been contacting in the front. Also, the gluvit should definitely help.


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I have an old glass Sliderite and am going to do the exact same thing...for the same reasons. Do you know where to mount the rowers seat and back seat so the balance is ok? I had a buddy sit in the back of my boat to see how it re-acted and almost blew a drain plug in shallow water. My rowers seat is pretty far back, and is also set up for 2 in the front. I would like to keep the 2 slide seats up front and have one in the back. My hull is the same as a lavro, but cant find any measurements online as far as seat placement. Can anyone with a clack or hyde tell us how far from the stearn the back seat is and how far from the stearn the rowers seat is? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
Weight distribution is based on where the seats go, as well as who is sitting in each seat. Obviously, if you are only carrying one passenger, put him up front. I have noticed that my boat does well with one guy up front, or one in front one in back, but not just one guy behind the rower.

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When I put the guy in the back, I also had one up front, but the bow still went way up, and the back went way down. I think the problem is my rowers seat location. Its only 58 inches from the back of the boat. I think the Hydes and Clacks are in the 70" range or so. Hopefully, with the rowers seat mounted closer to the center of the boat, I can have someone back there and it will balance out ok. My biggest issue is that I am going to fab all the new "guts" out fo fiberglass, and once I secure them in...its done. If its out of balance, Ill have to start all over, and its a big enough project that I only want to do this once.

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