Very Short Pass Lake Trip

One of the new guys in the fly club called this morning and wanted to try fishing Pass Lake before the weather turned to crap. I told him I had to be home by 5pm but I would run up there with him and fish for a bit since the weather was so nice. By the time we got all the gear ready and made the drive up island we hit the water at 1pm. There were several people on the water and the weather was terrific. Water temp was 46 deg. with little or now wind. I showed him a few spots I usually hit but mainly headed over to the cove by the highway. In the next two hours we had six to hand a few misses and a couple LDR's. Needless to say he was one happy camper (that's him in the picture) for his first time on Pass. All were rainbows and went 14-17 inches. I started back at 3 and he stayed. Haven't heard how it was later on.


Jim Speaker

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Nice fish. The thing I love about the Pass Lake bows is that once they get to about 15 or 16" they have big shoulders and are fat, hard fighters. When the incredible browns there aren't cooperating, the bows make for a really good time. Again, cheers! :beer2:


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I was there Friday also enjoying the sun; seemed most were at least catching a few. Whether midges or stripping buggers, key seemed to be staying near the bottom. I netted a couple on bloodworms and a couple on bottom buggers.
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