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FYI: sports page, page 10. Full article and picture of the fish and angler, who is awaiting confirmation from IFGA on world record for 8kg tippet, possibly all tippet classes. Not trying to reflame the original post [which almost crashed Chris's new server] just passing it along.


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Going for the 18 pound test record. I don't even swing for kings for kings with 18 pound test!


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The more people that actually understand why this is a bad thing to be
Bonking 30 pound steelhead that better. Trying to get outside the Fly Fishing Community and share information with the Non Fishing community.
The Seattle Times is a good place to Start!

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He said it was bleeding. I would of kept it also. Throwing it back it would only die and still not put anything into the gene pool. It would of only been feed for the small and scrap fish.


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Sometimes fish that have been extremely stress (eg from a long fight) will bleed some from the gills. However if you look at the photo the fish was hooked in the top of the mouth and therefore the gills were not damaged by the hook. In all likelihood it would have recovered and survived to spawn. Besides, if you kill a fish it is 100% guaranteed not to spawn


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I was just happy to see that the times article addressed the fact that many fishermen were going to think badly of the guy for killing the fish and why they would do so. No matter what we think of it here, what he did was perfectly legal under our current regulations. So I think it was nice to see the "don't kill any wild fish" side acknowledged even if just for a few sentences.
What's unfortunate is the number of anglers that will now be plying the water of the Hoh in search of the next Moby Dick. In one of Jeff Brazda's recent reports he said he had never seen so many fishermen over there in all his year's of guiding.

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