Thoughts on killing the record steelhead, fallout and ruminations:

Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
The Sadness of Man, or Why We Will End Ourselves

The man who didn’t understand anything killed it. He killed it until it was a symbol of the species with sadness and endings or nothing. We are smart in ways to win, and it will end us. And it was a symbol of the wrong reason to do something. Harvesting a wild steelhead, even legally, is a morally disgusting thing. Taking the fish for glory and shallow pride is rotten. And lying as a cop-out is a bloody, festering thing.

You're fish, Peter Harrison, was a steelhead. It was a wild and clean archetype of the steelhead, brawling with disarming beauty. It carried more environmental significance than you do, considering all species equal, your fish was several thousand times more significant than you. Your choice to harvest the fish makes you a hated man whose generation ought to have past with the extinction of California’s beautiful rivers. Jim Kerr should have drowned you on your free cross-river boat-ride. He an accepting man and if others had seen you, it would have been a different type of free trip.

And this is why we are pulling our needs out from under us. Humans are good at taking something until they can’t take anymore and must then take something else. It’s the greed gene. Maybe its nature’s way of letting a species destroy itself in a systematic way. Peter, you have saddened fisherman. Your decision to harvest a world record wild steelhead, for only the purpose of misguided immortalization was wrong. We, the fisherman, pray together on rivers and oceans and in the cold and rain of the west that you are left empty. May every cent you garner from your catch bring you self-destruction, malady and guilt. The guilt that flows fast and freely through your veins. The inescapable type of guilt that obscures the taste of your food and makes you change positions on the couch until you resign yourself to being uncomfortable. May you remember how the fish looked after it was dead, the beautiful eye. The eye of golds, and greens with and blackness deep like every ending put together to make true black.

We are left with only the realization that nothing can bring the fish back, but ask you to please leave now. The program is nearly ruined, and you are worsening it.

The Joker king holds his greed.

Ethan G.

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Deep, poetic, powerful, resonating; I liked it! I was trying not to get sucked into any of these "bonking wild steelhead" threads, but this one spoke to me. Sums up my thoughts exactly.

If I ever have the fortune to catch a steelhead that big, wild or not, "this must be a world record" would not be the first thing to go through my mind. I'm not above taking a quick photo for my personal glory, but taking the life of such an awesome creature for personal gain is beyond my scope of thought.

I will remember that guys face and if I ever find myself fishing a run next to him, I'll give him a resounding "F you!" for everybody.


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In some ways I am sick and tired of seeing this topic-the reason being that it's painful-though I'm glad it has kept on rollin as it show's intrest in the WILD issue.:beathead:
The guy didn't catch the state record-He pulled the Wa state biggest fishing Blunder record.
It's not even like it was a world record(and then a world class blunder) it was worse-He killed a fish on what is probably the the most sensitive run in the OP.
That fish was a case of the army sacrificing it's self to save the commode tender:mad:


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Very eloquent and passionate, but IMHO the fishing community including fly fisherman equate being the best with catching the biggest. For a lot of people fishing isnt about the journey is about the destination. If we can help people realize that there is no first place in this sport, than having a trophy to show off would become less important. Easier said than done,but living here in the UK for the past year and a half has shown me that it is possible. The irony here is that it is the fly fisherman who keep and kill salmon and trout and throw a hissy fit when regulations cramp their style. The "coarse" fisherman( like our warm water fishing)really self police a no kill policy on almost all waters.So while we have a long way to go,we can change the way people think about the purpose of fishing.And it sure does turn my stomach to see an amazing fish like that taken out of the gene pool.:beathead:

Charles Craumer

deep read for 848 in the morning. valid points. i'm joining the wild steelhead coalition. i'm not trying to see central booking over a fish. but man o man im sure he regrets this keeping this fish now. IGFA can suck on it as well 2 lb tippet class for stripped bass...? really? Dr. Martin Arostegu you know what i'm talking about.


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Awhile back, the Wild Steelhead Coalition led the fight for statewide mandatory wild steelhead release. We won the fight. The mayor of Forks got the Director to reverse the decision for a one fish kill. And now here we are.

It's been like the Bob Dylan song, "Who killed Davy Moore?"


Ed Call

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Leland, interesting history about the fight and the change of decision based on the Mayor of Forks position. I bet it was related to bringing more visitors, anglers seeking those wonderful steelhead in rivers local to Forks, into his jurisdiction. I'm sure more economic influx into Forks would be good for them, not sure that it would be good for the fish of those rivers. Any chance you or anyone else has links to background info on this aforementioned process? I'd like to read a bit more about it and get on board to convince the Mayor that there can be alternative ways to bring more of us out there...isn't that Vampire series bringing some good attention to them anyway?

Mark Moore

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....It carried more environmental significance than you do, considering all species equal, your fish was several thousand times more significant than you.
The killing of this fish is truly a sad thing, maybe even more sad than fishing for it in the first place.

Maybe more sad than, in the heat of deeply held and passionate conviction, judging a human being less significant than a fish.

When a steelhead can run into a burning building, jump on a grenade to save his battle buddy, or donate a kidney or bone marrow to save the life of a stranger I will be the first one to get my shotgun out and go down to my local stream to protect them.

I hope in my lifetime I never do anything as morally reprehensible as killing a magnificent, world record steelhead. Let alone drive drunk, steal from my business partner, lie to my kids, cheat on my wife, or, worst of all, judge another mans motive.:thumb:

Jeremy Floyd

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I don't understand why everyone is so upset at the joker who legally caught and killed the fish. That crappy 10th grade poem should be pointed at the state managers and lawmakers, and all of us for not making the state change it's laws sooner.
For sure, the guy's a dumb ass but, like Jeremy and other have said, it should be a call to all of to be more active in promoting a strict C&R policy to our policy makers.

Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
Catch and release of wild trout was the norm for many fly fisherman before it became a law on certain trout waters. Wild steelhead should be afforded the same respect.


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The reaction I have seen on the internet over this fish reminds me of watching the evening news; over the top sensationalism.
i think everyone should just STFU about this fish and go cast a line. When it comes down to it whats done is done. most of us dont agree with the ethics behind the action but it DID happen and HAS happened and will CONTINUE to happen. We live in a nation which the founding principles are individualism and greed. This man, as old as he is, probably has that mentality engrained into him for life. There is nothing we can do about this situation except teach and promote the right way for the today and tommorow. With that said, the laws regarding wild steelhead are f'n stupid and there should be a maximum size for keepable steelhead to help the good genes stay in the gravel beds.

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