(NFR) I'm Moving to Chicago

I about had a heart attack when i got orders to cape may nj this time last year. I made MK1 off the may 08 swe and now they're transferring me again ...to the Vigorous out of cape may. trying to save money i guess. I just want back to the NW, i told the detailer i'll take any unit out there 378 ,polar, mfpu, anything. good luck with chicago, i heard the station is not in the greatest neighborhood and there are still bullet holes in the brick from a drive by.


Hey you guys
Good Luck to you. I envy you in a way as your going to be exposed to a whole new fishing adventure. I'm sure you will enjoy it. I too thank you for your service.

Good Luck


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Mike, keep your head down and come back safe. William, good luck in the windy city, one of my favorite places. You guys have my utmost respect. And some in my generation say the younger generations ain't worth shit. You guys prove them all wrong. Thank you both.


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Chicago is a great city and you'll remember those four years fondly (I spent four years in school there). The only down side is the weather. I remember wondering how mankind ever settled in a place where freezing winters turn into humid summers virtually overnight. I finally realized that most of the residents haven't traveled to know any better. If you could just pick the city up and put it into California's weather it'd be perfect. Weather aside, you'll love the kind hearted people and never have a boring day. Sports, museums, dining, nightlife...heck, even Chicago politics is entertaining. As for fishing, I agree with those suggesting you look into Wisconsin. Good luck and be safe.


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Also get to know the guys at Coren's Rod and Reel in Chicago, and check in with Matt @ The Driftless Angler in Wisconsin for info on fishing the driftless zone.

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the rivers around grayling, MI
pennsylvania is not very far from that location.
It's kinda like going to MT from the Peninsula. Really really far by normal people miles, but for good fishing... sure why not! I drove across the country a couple years ago, and after I passed MT, WI and PA were the only nice places I saw. Wisconsin was gorgeous and the people were really nice. Chicago is awesome, though the traffic is HORRIBLE.

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