Actually used a two hander

Ed Call

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Hit the Satsop today with my friend. Gin clear and you could see every pebble. Fished the one hander in many locations but as we banked the drift boat in several fishy looking spots I strung up the two hander. The Echo2 that I recently acquired seemed willing to turn my crap into nice casts. I only got to use it in locations with river running right to left and after a few flails I was able to cast fully across the river (narrow not be impressed). Even my gear fishing buddy was impressed with my casting with both rods, he's seen me cast on a few occasions but spaced over many many months to years. Fishless, today was still a very good day.


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Faaarrr out, Man! Now that the weather is "improving", at least the days are getting longer, perhaps you could also utilize that 'Big Salt River' on your end of the county. You can have "river right" and "river left" without having to leave where you are standing. I use Lion's Park on Washington Narrows in Bremerton that way. Heck at a certain level of tide you even have a couple of casting pools with no current in them. Drop me an email, and I'll join you. By late Spring, who knows what you'll be able to reach with that two-hander.

Ian Broadie

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Dude with that Echo, get an AFS 6/7 or the equivalent Airflo compact scandi and overhead it in the salt. I was doing some testing/fishing last week at Golden Gardens and I was casting the kaka outta both my TFO Switch and the Echo 2 7wt Scandi. I don't envision ever using a single hander on a beach again my Jim Teeny will probably be relegated to bass fishing (I'll eat my words I know it). Underhanded cast for casts 50 feet and under, 2 handed over head for casts 50 + feet. You'll love that rod for the salt. :thumb:

Ed Call

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Thanks all. The parts of the river where I fished it was not really wide. I could cast all the way across with relative ease. I'm looking forward to seeing if I can get even more line out in wider rivers or the salt water. I'll certainly give it a whirl in the salt too, why not?

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