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[/B]I know alot of guys here travel to Montana, Idaho, and Colorado and we all know there are huge numbers of caddis hatches in all of those states in the spring so anyone want to do a caddis swap? Any stage of the life cycle. Looking for 7-10 tyers say two flys each. Deadline 11th of April.

1. Sean, puetabah adult, and micks emerger FINISHED
2. Kim, z-wing caddis, and olive spent caddis RECEIVED
3. Loopy, Emerger, and Pupa with a UK twist RECEIVED
4. Ifrank, Triple wing adult, and a partridge emerger RECEIVED
5. Thesankers, Iris caddis, and Goddard caddis RECEIVED
6. Chris Reagan, Chucks C.V.(adult), and an Emerger RECEIVED
7. Brian Thomas, ???? RECEIVED
8. Mumbles, Jorgensen Hair Wing Caddis, and Jorgensen's Delta Wing Caddis RECEIVED
9. Steeli- Pupa, and lower water emerger or dry RECEIVED
Hi Sean_K

Seen your post on caddis flies.

Could you entertain a guy from the UK?

I have been involved with swaps in the US before.

If acceptable to you I would like to tie a pupa and an emerger.

Please let me know I am as keen as mustard and wish I was as good at tying but I do have enthusiam!


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I would like to get in on this. I can't say what I'll tie yet. But as soon as I know I will let you know.


Ed Call

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I'm NOT in, but I've been tying some various caddis patterns. I can't make this timeframe right now, but I'll look forward to seeing the ties in the gallery. Good luck all.


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okay, so i finally put some thought into it, got out the crystal ball, waved the arms in the air, and waited for voices. replace the generic emerger and pupa with a olive spent caddis and a z-wing caddis.



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I hosted a Caddis swap and really enjoyed it. Even got some huge steelhead dry patterns.
I'm interested, but deadline is a little too tight to meet; I'd need another week+ or so.
Spare time is fishing time during the next couple weeks.....

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