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Dad and Son day on the Satsop today. Son caught his first, second and third steelhead on fly gear. He bonked one hatchery hen, released two nates. I bonked two hatchery fish.

Great day, worked for the fish, covered lots of water mostly above 101. Emergency closure of the Satsop announced yesterday, closes Sunday, 3/15/09 12:00 midnight - insufficient escapement given as the reason. Rain, Snow, Wind, Sun, more Rain. Great day...



Piscatorial Engineer
Day great, report useless...River closes tomorrow.

These are truly great days. I strongly encourage those of you with youngsters to pass along the fishing heritage. Both of my boys caught their first steelhead when they were 6 years old. For Nick, that was 27 years ago, and he's never forgotten that.

They're never too young, or too old.

Ed Call

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Great day indeed. My friend and I got skunked yesterday, pretty bright day with low clear colorless water. Sorry to hear that it closed a few hours ago, I would have liked to pontoon it after seeing it for the first time in two or three years. Congrats to you and your son.


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I got broke off on the K'lama yesterday, (note to self-change leader after practice casting on a gravel driveway) and my buddy got wrapped around a rock by one. Not bad for fishing a rapidly rising river...but all day I felt like I was breathing half air, half water. Good, Good times though.

congrats to you and your son, Citori!


Ethan G.

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Yes, yes, yes, very nice, but what is that contraband I see in the left of the second picture? :rofl: Just kidding. That's an awesome day!

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