Munn Lake - Report Friday 20th


Do it outside!
Fished Munn today. Wow, what a great little lake. First cast, #10 yellow Chironomid hooked me into a beautiful 22inch bow! Good way to start the morning. Closed the day with 9 fish released and a few more missed. The locals were eyeing the lake and the few I talked to said they could not wait till powerbait was allowed. One clown motored his 19ft Trophy around the lake despite"selective" fishing rules. The Games Warden was none to pleased. Talked with the Warden for a bit and turns out he just started tying flies. His words, "we love you fly fishers. Yup, no problems and always so polite." :)

For early season, I'd put this one on par with Lone although when the season opens up for bait chuckers not so sure.

Fished the day with some lovely ladies from the NWWFF and a member of South Sound. What a great day until the rain really started. Collected about an inch of rain water in my boat. Gear bag started to float around. That's when I decided, its been a full day!

I'll be back for sure.
Great report. I'm glad someone on this board is actually fishing. Most seem to be rambling on in various threads or posting semi-nude pictures of themselves. :eek:

Big E

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Awesome deal and way to represent! I would love to catch a 20+" bow. I've been on the hunt for one for quite a while but have never been able to break the 20" barrier.


Do it outside!
You guys kill me. Hey, I am just proud I stuck out the rain and driving wind for as long as I did. Lake was worth it. I just hope it does not turn to shit when the gear season opens up. Fish were big and very healthy. Not real feisty until they saw my net/boat. I had a few that took me 5+ min to land.

Mumbles, I'll be sure to check in with you next time :) In fact I plan to return to Munn next Thursday, schedule permitting.


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Mumbles, you don't leave the comfort of Kitsap Co. Why would you want to travel that far to catch and release fish.

Maybe his problem with ferries is like yours with bridges? ;) He can still make Thurston Co. by driving through Shelton.

I shouldn't talk shite about other people fishing, though. It has been many weeks since I've been out. It's been a string of flukey ailments. It started with tweaking my right knee, and now it's the infected cyst :eek: the doc carved out of my back from between my shoulder blades. Great for the casting... bawling: :beathead: Yeah, I just got fiber-optic cable, but the fishing shows I've seen are kind of stupid. No salvation there via basic services. :beathead:

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