Swap Yakima Summer Stone and/or Terrestial Swap

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
Oz, as for the extras, keep two or three of the extras of my hopper pattern and you can send the rest back to me or just randomly stick another one in other tyers boxes. I tied up a few more for myself and also did some in green, so I'm not really expecting to get more than one back along with everyone elses. Basically, do whatever you want!
iagree that sounds easy enough, then you don't have to tie 48 flies for the swap:D

Ed Call

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With the first pick in the 2009 Fly Swap for Yakims Summer Stone and/or Terrestial Swaps Bubba Gump selects the high floating fly from Tom the Tyer...sounds like NFL Draft time for me.

Ed Call

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Hell yes...Mumbles selects his bonus fly with the first pick in the Draft...I think I was first! Maybe my bonus will be Sean K's rubber legged triple wing. That freaking thing might not catch fish, but it has caught me already in prototype version!


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oz first absolutely. just sent the recipe to oz, am done with nine. don't know why but these seem to take forever. for my part, just take the remainder and distribute evenly and randomly. one man's lottery loser is another persons winner, it's just too hard to figure and there's no point to it.


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