Swap Yakima Summer Stone and/or Terrestial Swap

Here is something I came up with (Probly done before) as I tied it. I will refine it. - the Hackle. And I will reduce the underwing. It will be a tied on a Tiemco 200R #8 or #10. What do you think? Now I want to you to be brutely honest because thats how I will learn. I find when someone points out details I overlooked, the Next one comes of better. Look for proportions, color, ect. Is this close to a Yakima Yellow Sally? And I promise it will be cleaner tied when they go to you.

Yellow Sally - Side View

Yellow Sally - Top View

Yellow Sally - Fishes View

Thanks, Nic

Ed Call

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Most of my flies suck. I found a pattern I can tie. It is big material, easy to use material and beats the hell out of tying tiny dries. That is why everyone should get in on this swap. Could be the rare time I offer a fly that will both catch the fisherman and the fish.

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
i tied this fly in two sitting. once this morning because i got up at 5:45 and it was late start for school :mad: and then when i finished my homework. the head is clipped down tight b/c of all the foam and it should float the head plenty well because it is spun antelope, and i used the base of the fur not the tips (hollower)

critism is highly regarded, just not on my picture taking skills this is a fly fishing forum
it is tied on a big size 2 just because i was taking pics


Ed Call

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Nic and Colton, nice looking flies. I'll take a half dozen each! The photos are not super clear, but mine never are either. I barely can use my simple point and shoot digital so whatever it gives me I take.

Colton, for your hopper my only recommendation would be to move your leg sets back one body segment. Rather than have the first set of legs coming out of the head like what I think is referred to as a skwala pattern, move the first set back to behind the head. Nice hind legs, is that double thigh material for some big beefy hopper hopping legs? Is spun antelope much different to work with than deer? I've only spun deer and elk so far in my tying attempts.

Nic, I've only used small versions of a yellow sally like that, I'm liking the BIG option. Did you clip away the hackle on the top portion of the body or leave it there to help elevate the wing? I can't quite tell from the photo.

Did either of you guys glue your hook shank? I liked how my prototypes wrapped with the thread, but I could turn them with force so for my production versions I applied a bit of glue to attempt to hold them true to shape and keep the hook down and body up.

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'

i will move the legs back, i didn't even know that the legs comming from the head was a skwala type of thing:hmmm:. the hind legs are pheasant tail knotted to make the joint and that is hell to do by hand :D. antelope is so hollow that it is very easy to spin, 1 loose wrap and 1 tight one and it goes all the way around. it is very brittle though so you really cut it to make a muddler style head with a collar. i don't even know where to buy antelope shop wise. i got mine from our taxidermist FREE:D. he gave me to different colors light dun and bleached kind of and ive been trying to find patterns for it. i just went to a retention pond by my house to cats it out and well, i was using a 5 wt wf floating line and i could cast it about 30 ft. agian though it was on a size 2 stainless steel hook. even though SS is less dense then bronze i think i will call this fly the titanic because it is big and it sinks like a rock

not many tight lines with this fly in the future-back to the desk:mad:

Ed Call

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That sank? More layers of foam perhaps? Looks like it would float. I'm not sure that the head legs and skwala are correctly connected by me. It is just what I think. Maybe another layer of foam below will do the trick. Knotted pheasant tail, I've see that in shops. Good reminder. Good luck (but a glass of water will float test it...not all flies have to be cast tested into a retaining pond)


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PEI...very nice sally...I would go with a size 10. Colton..there is no reason you shouldnt join this swap...I would throw that in a heart beat. If it sinks it could be a good "drowned" hopper pattern. I dont know if the antolope is so hollow that it would suck up water? Maybe thats why it sank though. Did it float at first, then start to sink after it got wet?
Hey, Mumbles on that pattern I pulled the foam over for a bad then segmented. I'm just going to throw out the suggestion that If we do get anymore people to join, why not tie 14 (2 Sets of 7, so you get 2 of each pattern)? Let me know what you think.


Ed Call

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I'm headed out of town. I sent Sean K a dozen. If we go more than that then I'm FUBAR. I'm frantically packing my gear while posting with my typing feet.

Colton, big bugs don't need big hooks, big fish have big mouths...check your avatar! Come on boy genius, you are perfectly capable of tying up some nice bugs here!

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
i already said i tied it on a size 2 because i knew i was going to take pictures of it. i tie my terrestrials on size 8 usually 2x long or 3x long hooks. I WILL JOIN THE SWAP AND TIE SOME BUGS. is it still 12 flies each? what size hooks do you prefer and i'll tie them up. if you don't tell me i already said what your gonna get.

this is my first swap, ive been tying since about last October, and tying with a vise since about November. how i started fly tying is wierd, how i started fly fishing- i wanted to fish my flies. which came first the fly or the pole?

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