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Tom Johnston

Been around a while
I have a Fetha Styx 10'8" 4pc 8wt switch rod for sale. It comes with a Okuma Integrity 11/12 reel with a Beulah Elixer line that matches the rod(scandi style line). I have used it about 5 times and bought it off someone almost brand new! Cork is still in excellent shape. Comes with rod case. $150. Face to face sale only.

Not to step into this but, I know you did say face to dace sale only, but Slamon Chaser is a great guy to work with. I have sold him equipment and easy to work with and quick payment also.

If I did not already have the same rod I would buy it back.

I will be tranfering to Chicago area in June so we have to get fishing somewhere. Take it easy and sorry the rod did not work out. It does take a little time to get used to if you have not used a switch before.
Am interested in the rod....and know that you said face to face.....but would like to see if we could work something out.....

Am in NE Wisconsin, and will send you a PM.

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