Camping and fishing with kids

Hello- I'm fairly new to Washington (1 year) and would like to take my 5 yr old boy on a weekend camping trip and maybe toss a line in. I haven't been out and about much to scope anything out. Anybody have any suggestions for a camp at the car spot with a short hike in lake for some little brookies or? We live in Woodinville so anything 1-2 hrs. away would be great. Thanks, Dan


Mark Steudel
Well I went up to Dorothy Lake (Though got skunked) It's up in the Steven's pass area ... it's about a 45 minute hike at a 2.5 - 3 mph hiking speed .. gorgeous you can scramble around the whole lake ... anyways, that's my 2 cents ...

Scott Salzer

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I haven't been there for a few years, but Trout Lake off the Stevens Pass highway is a relatively short hike and the lake did have brookies.
Be advised that there are break ins at the trails heads off of Hgy. 2 & I-90.
Thanks for the ideas. I didn't realize that there were problems with theft up there. I'll be sure to keep the gear locked up and hidden.

Thanks again
Bear Lake outside of Granite Falls. Very short hike in, perfect for a 5 year old. The only problem might be limited bank access. I've always been in a float tube, so I don't recall what the bank is like. I think there are some spots, though.

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