lenore this fall

what do i know, im just a kid

my dad and i are planning a return trip to lenore this fall. im looking for help pinning down some dates. obviously cooler water temperatures are most important so does anyone have experience with lenore in say, september through october? thanks.

what do i know, im just a rabid apache

ok. so does anyone have ANY experiemce with lenore in the fall? im thinking the weekend after the chopaka trip, i will be shipping off to ephrata. i figure well probably kick around in our tubes dragging leeches and buggers. anyone care to join?

In the past, Lenore has been productive for me after the first of October, depending on how soon the water starts cooling down. It's been a very warm summer over there, so it may take another week or two after the first. I like the south end near the island, and the extreme north end, but the Lahontans are everywhere cruising the shoreline. Use olive buggers, streamers, PT's, and black buggers as well. I haven't been there to fish yet this year, but it should be good in the fall. Great lake, lots of big fish, plenty of room. Just watch out for the wind.

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I have fished there in mid October and done very well. It can get cold and of course the wind there is always a challenge.

Olive or black buggers along the shorlines have always produced. Last time I was there my friend got towed around for about 10 minutes by a fish that was over the 24 inch scale on his float tube apron.

You guys got me so pumped thinking about Lenore I scheduled a trip for the October 15th weekend.

Yes, it can me wendy and cold. I can remember getting hit with hail in the morning fishing in tee shirts and shots in the afternoon. I have also spent all day hiding from the wend. Thats the risk you take but WOW, when you hit it right!
what do i know, im just a rabid apache

what dates will you be there? we may just have to meet up and harass those cutties. my dad doesnt fly fish so it would be nice to have someone who doesnt look at me with a blank stare when i start talking about flies.

As far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier.

I'll be leaving Beleview at around noon on Friday, October 17th. My Daughter and her boy are students at Western and they will meet me over there. If my Daughter in fact goes, we will camp in the park below Dry Falls. If not, I'ld personally rather camp in the sage on the banks of Lenore.

If it looks like you are going to make it, zap me an e-mail with a picture or a licence plate number. I'll do the same.

Looking forward to it.
Sounds like the makings of another gathering.

I might have to see if I can free up some time and maybe catch up with you all over there. It has been a while since I fished Lenore.

Like I said, the more the merrier.

I quit fishing Lenore for a few years due to the summer kill that was occuring. You can translate the preceding sentence as I got skunked a coulple of times. But this winter I was at a Clark-Skamania Flyfishers casting clinic and one the members was passing around pictures that made me realize the lake has come back. He was talking about 30+ fish days.
what do i know, im just a rabid apache

the fish are definitely there. as i was there in april of this year i can attest to the numbers and size. im excited for sure. i believe we will be staying at the soap lake inn again, definitely not roughing it....hope to see you there. we will be driving a little white ford festiva and will be kicking around in our tubes all day long, probably either on the north or the south ends.