9' Dave Scadden Pontoon Boat 4 Sale

This 2002 Dave Scadden Expedition DLS 9' Pontoon Boat was used once and is in near new condition. This is what is included:

-2 dark green pontoons
-gray frame with 2 black nylon gear bags
-10lb. anchor and line
-custom retractable wheel for transportation
-2 oars with oar locking straps

*this boat has been stored in a covered area since purchase

I am selling this boat for $800.00, pick up only please (greater Seattle area)

Please contact via email: velroth@gmail.com
If you have some pictures, if you please to email them to me . . . I'd like to look at it.
Pricing is unknown to me - new Skykomish Sunrise ST Element - http://www.store.northforkoutdoors.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=73 is $749 - yes, I see you have platform & casting brace.
Since this s a 2002 model, what was it's retail $ then?
Any info you can provide will assist me with making a informed decision.
THank you in advance for your response, Jim [ jimholtca@gmail.com ] .