What to tie with brown hackles


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I finally have some dry fly hackles.Brown.What flies can I tie with brown hackles?

You can tie any fly you feel like putting brown hackle on. It's simple if your tying the fly you make the decision what hackle, dubbing, tail, thread, hook, endless possibilties, be creative!
What Les said..also a Brown Hackle Yellow, a flying ant pattern for the carpenter ant flights, the Kolzer Orange and Kolzer Yellow, perhaps a few of the various Wulff patterns calling for brown hackle. There are lots of options...
Why are you such a hardass, Old Man? If you don't want to disucss why, perhaps others can shed light on Old Man's troubles. To be so pissed off all of the time over such benign issues is really sad. Snap out of it Old Man!
Let's try to stick to the post, okay guys. Save your personal comments for a PM. I have tied a salt water bugger using tan or brown maribou as a tail, crystal estaz for the body, and brown hackle. I put a gold bullet head up front. It definitely catches resident coho.

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