ACT NOW against HB 1778 and For confirmation of Commissioner Miranda Wecker

Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
Good morning,

I would like to ask that my brothers/sisters in hunting stand up for the fish and wildlife commission.

There are still several things are happening politically that will be extremely damaging to the DFW and our resources, both fish/marine life and wildlife/waterfowl. First, we no that SB 5127 was put in the can and shouldn’t be brought back out. Now the (sneaky) politicians (doesn’t matter which party or who did it for now) have put the entire content of 5127 into HB 1778. This bill is moving forward and we need to Write, Call and Visit with all state representatives and senators and let them know that you do not support this bill or any that would remove or overturn the current DFW Commission structure and approach of science and conservation (use your own words, but be respectful).

Second this week there will be a confirmation hearing/meeting for Commissioner Miranda Wecker. Ms. Wecker is a commissioner and has been serving for 4 years, after her appointment by the Governor. By showing support for Ms. Wecker you will be showing that you want commissioners that are conservation and environmentally focused on fish and wildlife. If as a HUNTER, as I, you need to support Ms Wecker’s confirmation because she is there working on issues for us and will keep conservation of these resources in the forefront. So, please read her Bio ( , )
for yourself then ACT NOW and Write, Call and Visit with Senator Jacobsen (cc to the Governor!) and the Senate Nat’l Resources Committee. (and if you can attend represent yourself as a hunter at the hearing (if you are) Wecker Confirmation Hearing Friday 8:00 a.m. Senate Nat'l Resources Committee)

I would lastly ask that if you belong to a Club or Organization, like Washington State Bowhunters, Washington Muzzleloaders Association, WAC, or Safari Club International, that you please write to your board and ask them to provide a written statement for the confirmation of Commissioner Miranda Wecker and Also ask them for a written statement opposing HB 1178 or any other legislation that removes or restricts the DFW and overturns the voters passage of Referendum 45 (implementation of current DFW structure) we was the will of the people.

Please act now… this is very time sensitive and could set our fishing and hunting back for years and would remove YOUR ability to provide input to the Commission and Director if they are put back under the appointment of the Governor.

We all need to know how the clubs and organizations feel about the SFW Commission and the Commissioners and specific Bills that affect our resources and enjoyment of them whether hunting or fishing. So, PLEASE get involved now on these issues, or you may not even get a chance to speak up in the future.



Piscatorial Engineer
I am gratified by the members who have availed themselves of access to their elected officials and have shared their concerns. While representative government has at times left a bad taste in my mouth, the only way it works is if you do precisely what many of you are doing - contacting your Senators and Representatives.

HB 1778 does in fact have many of the aspects of SB 5127. I also encourage you to contact both your senators and representatives and urge their NO vote on HB 1778 if/when it comes up on the floor.

Commissioner Miranda Wecker has served in an exemplary fashion for 4 years, yet is now coming under fire from Sen. Jacobsen who seeks to exact his retribution on the commissioners because SB 5127 was defeated. If he is successful in unseating Ms. Wecker, the remaining 5 unconfirmed commissioners will fall next in line. Ms. Wecker's crime is to be chair of a conservation driven commission at a time when Mr. Jacobsen is pissed off.

Ms. Wecker's bio/CV here

Should you feel so inclined, I would encourage you to send a letter of support of Ms. Wecker's confirmation from your organization, or from yourself to all the members of the Senate Natural Resources, Ocean and Recreation Committee. Email addresses below.

Thank you all. This is getting personal, for all of us.

Sen. Ken Jacobsen [email protected]
Sen. Kevin Ranker [email protected]
Sen. Bob Morton [email protected]
Sen. Karen Fraser [email protected]
Sen. Jim Hargrove [email protected]
Sen. Brian Hatfield [email protected]
Sen. Val Stevens [email protected]
Sen. Dan Swecker [email protected]

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