What coating on Chironomids?

Anyone have any thoughts on the best clear "varnish" coatings for chironomids/buzzers bodies. I recently had someone tell me some fish are repelled by Sally Hansens and I read somewhere that some fish are repelled by some superglues.

Any definite conclusions in this area or just dumb fisherman superstition?
I usually give mine a generous coating of Berkley Power Bloodworm spray before heading out...:p

I coat all of mine with Sally Hansens and I know others that brush on a thin coating of 30 min epoxy for added sheen. I like the convenience of SH and have had terrific days with ties treated with multiple coatings. I would ignore these rumors since once dry, there probably is a detectable smell but once diluted in water, an interested fish will take on sight and motion, not a sniff test.
I long ago started using Loctite brush-on super glue. Cheap, stays clear no matter what you do to the fly and with that much super glue your fly will NEVER fall apart.


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I've used Soft-Tex in the past. Since the solvent is alcohol, it's not as noxious as either epoxy or the acetone in nail polish.

--Dave E.
I use something called Delta Ceramcoat . It`s a Polyurethane varnish . Great product who`s only downside is that it takes a few minutes to dry . What I really like about it is that it looks like milk when wet , but dries to a nice glossy finish . The milky part is nice to see exactly where it has been applied . That , and the fact that it does not evaporate or thicken up in the bottle . I`m still only about half-way through a three year old bottle , and the products consistency is the same as the day I bought it . And it won`t yellow over time .

It is available in different finishes , mine is the Gloss .