You Tube tried to ruin my summer...

Ed Call

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We all could likely use more MattZoid! I enjoyed it too, thanks. I like the captions, on toon camera angles and most of all the surprise hook up while that one angler is walking toward the camera with a grin...then the HOLYSHITSURPRISE look takes over! Cool.
from the year before. I annotated some thoughts. It'll only take a minute.

I was at a BBQ last night where a guy who makes "films" for youtube got drunk and bitched about exactly this crap going down on there lately.

Pretty goddamn lame that youtube is turning this way. :beathead:

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Well I see that you haven't changed. But are you now using a Blue Pontoon boat. You used to have a Grey one.



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I'd hate to work at YouTube. They probably have a monstrous legal department that gets thousands of cease and desist orders every day from the likes of the MPAA, RIAA, and probably even a few from PETA :)

Ed Call

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Ya, what's wrong with 2 guys floating down a river throwing tight loops?
Not much wrong with that Buck Naked, unless one of them is you sporting your avatar suit. Where is that other cool avatar of yours?

Matt, great viddy, what else you got for us?

Matt Burke

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I have included the original first minute of that video on this post. All I know is suddenly there was a copyright dispute notification. Said I didn't have permission. Had me go through a whole butt load of legal mumbo jumbo. Finally got to a page that said, warning: proceeding further will cost you billions of dollars...or you could just click here and we will change the audio track with another of about the same duration. I clicked that and next thing I know is my video is selling a Creed song, goodbye original sound track.

My argument is this is a violation of my freedom of speech. I have not taken or added to Nickelback's song. I have taken it to another level. My own artistic interpretation in a new media that makes me feel like a rockstar. Not any different than if I were smart enough to do a watercolor that expressed what I feel about my trip to the klick and called it rockstar. So I added notations to their Creed/my Klick movie that express this. I can say anything I want about rockstar and that is my right.


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Fudge Matt! Nice video! I don't know what song you had there before but the track that plays sounds nice?? I know there is freedom of speach and all but everyone knows if someone makes a song, you can't use it without permission. Just the basic here I know, but a 5 year old would know that one.! Duuuuuuude!

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