Casting Games (Puget Sound Fly Co.)


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Come join us Saturday the 11th of April for another Puget Sound Fly Company casting games. This event is sponsored by Scientific Anglers/Winston and will involve a series of casting challenges. If you’ve never been to one of these you’re missing out. Everyone who participates will be eligible to win a Winston premium fly rod, Scientific Anglers fly lines and various other prizes. Plus we will be using the BRAND NEW Sharkskin ‘Expert Distance Competition’ line.

Casters of all skill levels are encouraged to participate, there will be a distance casting competition for experts and fun casting games for everyone else.

This event is FREE and refreshments will be provided.

Puget Sound Fly Company
25616 Pacific Hwy. S.
Kent, WA 98032

This sounds like a fun event. What time will the competition begin and I would assume that casters will be using one of the Winston models?

Should I leave my TCR and Rio Outbound at home?:D


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is this going to happen in the parking lot or are you going somewhere? i doubt i can make it down but it sounds like a fun event.