Big Steelhead Redux - Done Right This Time

Got this email just now from Jeff Brazda about his crazy OP trip with a HUGE Steelhead.

Guess what?? only ONE photo, that's it.

Jeff: "42x22 steelhead on a fly, possibly 30 lbs, I figure 28 minimum.
Some calculations say 27 some say up to 31.5 lbs, did not have my boga with me so I don’t know for sure.
Released completely unharmed. Landed another 20 the same day."

Let me just say that Jeff Brazda is one hard working straight up guy and I am so jealous I didn't book this trip myself.

Sounds like its hot hot hot out there!



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Dan "Rooster" Leavens
There must have been something in the air that day. When Jeff was telling me on the phone about that fish, I had to hang up on him because my wife hooked this one.... Not 28 or 30, but a big one for sure. Her biggest to date.

There was certainly a push of fish the last week. Both numbers and larger than average - it was good to see them show up.


AKA Joe Willauer
So sick, that net Brazda has sitting under that fish is enormous, and it looks like the fish could barely fit in it!

That fish Dayna is hold is definitely one of the prettiest steelhead i have ever seen, nice work!

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Dan "Rooster" Leavens
You should have seen Dayna's face when that fish came to the net. Priceless. She hooked over 25 fish in the 3 days she was over, and none of them got her that fired up!