Naples, Florida baby Tarpon

The wind has been up so I have been checking out the canals east of town lately. The baby Tarpon are there, some days thicker than others. Gave it a shot last week w/ my sister on a hot, blustery day. We fished from 8am till 1pm and it was 20-30mph the entire time! Thank god I had a 10 weight and the wind was slightly behind me which made things somewhat manageable. My sister was throwing a soft jerkbait and after about a half hour hooked into a whopper Snook in the 20lb class. Got her all the way into shore, when the leader parted! DOH! About 1 hour later, I hear her screaming from afar. I run over and she is hooked up to a nice Tarpon about 40lbs (about as big as they get in those canals). After an awesome 15 minute battle, the Tarpon is tired and I crouch down to grab it....POP, the leader breaks again!! Needless to say she needed to sit down for about 15 minutes and simmer down. I finally got on the board shortly thereafter, with a nice small Tarpon of maybe 12lbs taken on a small Clouser. Got a quick pic and back into the water. Lots of fun!

Paul W
Heading to Gasparilla/boca grande 2nd weekend of May. Any suggestions for night time fishing/drinking spots and where can we walk and get some tarpon like that!!

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