4-Lake basin report


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I managed to fish 4 different lakes in the past few days. I had great fishing conditions, but then I kinda planned it around the weather.

1. Fished Quincy for 2 hours one day. Never had a grab, never saw a fish rise, never saw a fish caught. This was VERY different for me compared to the last several years during the same time period. I did see one fish while anchored up on a shoal. I stopped fishing and just looked. It was kinda cool to just sit, pause, and observe but the lake sure was off on this particular day.

2. Caliche (sigh). Yeah, I fished there for a few hours. Not the most scenic spot but I did catch a bunch of fish. I certainly won't go back there this year...if ever.

3. Blythe-First time I'd been there and I was the only person on the lake. I didn't have any reports but went anyway. Very cool lake but not unlike my experience at Quincy, I didn't see (or feel) any evidence of fish at all. I found some very fishy spots, locatations that I thought would have produced fish in a short period of time. After a couple hours exploring and using a variety of methods that have worked for me, I left. I would certainly go back if I thought the fishing were better. But then if I had an epic day there, you can be certain I wouldn't be talking about it here. :rofl:

4. Windmill or Canal-I'm not sure which lake I was on. Started out slow but after some exploring I found some fish. Lots of other anglers but only one other couple flyfishing. I eventually found a good spot and had my fill which was good because once the sun went down, the fish started keying on tiny midges and the catching almost all but stopped. The following scenario is the one example where I'm at a loss and would consider hiring a guide just to provide some insight. I used to get frustrated but now I just sit back and enjoy the rising trout all around me.

Two more months of lake fishing before I get serious with stream fishing again. I don't mind the wait. :thumb:


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Good report Dave.
Just for future reference. The Windmill Lakes are pretty small.
Canal is a good size lake with a small channel connecting both ends of the lake. The boat lauch is located right near the channel. Heart Lake is on your right as you drive into the launch area at Canal. If you keep going on the main road, you can see the end of Canal to your left just before you cross the bridge.
Yeah, Canal was due for rehab this last fall, but it never happened, and it was stocked to hell and back early this spring. Next time, do your best to avoid the bait lakes and ply some of our more productive selective regulated lakes.

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Good report. It is good to hear about somebody getting out. I'm sorry that you did not catch anything, but you got out and that is the most important thing.



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Is the canal between the two lakes very small, like unboatable? The parking lot I arrived at had two different launches on what I thought were two different lakes. I assumed one was Canal and the other being Windmill. I did see a very small channel, more like a short spring connecting the two lakes, which after reading your response makes me think that they were both Canal Lake. I did see Heart on the way in.


I don't mind fishing standard regulation lakes once in a while. I get a kick out of the trollers and PB plunkers whispering amongst themselves, "that fly guy has another one!"

Besides, I wanted to do some seep lake exploration and all but one (Quail) have standard regulations and Quail wasn't an option due to my pram. But you are correct, selective lakes usually provide more and larger fish but not necessarily more solitude.


I did a lot of catching at two lakes...while getting skunked at the other two. But the weather was great and I thouroughly enjoyed myself. And you're right, that is the whole point of getting out.

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