Swap Fresh and Salt Face to Face Swap

Ed Call

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Rob, I did not toe tag my flies. I zip lock bagged my flies with my name on the bag and your name on a card inside. I'm not going to fuss at anyone about how they present their flies. I just want to keep good track of who's are who's so that I can get photos up sometime NEXT WEEK (hint for everyone not to bug me about doing it until then).

Rob Ast

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Alright!!!! I finished all of my mandatory ties before the last hour. Now for a special challenge I will tie a pattern recently discussed on this board for a bonus fly:thumb:

Matt Smith

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Dude, that would be crazy fun, and also not to likely. I pick them up late so me making it there with awake, and well behaved 5 year olds would be beyond the realm of reality. I will hook up with you later for some salt fly trials. :thumb: Thanks though :beer2:

All of you have a beer for me!!!...well who am I kidding have many beers for me :beer1:

Ed Call

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I can bring your flies to Rattlesnake on Saturday...but we can plan another time when you won't be missing time with your youngsters.
Kelvin- which one is the salt and which one is the fresh? Looks like one blue charm or hairy mary and i cant tell what the other is... are they tied on doubles?

Ed Call

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The photos are up and posted in the gallery gents. Point and click here: http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=12009

The flies are absolutely awesome. The face to face gathering was great. It was good to be back in the company of friends and to meet new ones. Putting a face to names, shaking hands, drinking beers and swapping stories of how Dinker cast my spey rod all the way across the Hoh on his first attempt was a blast. I hope that we can do something like this again. Special thanks to the extra cast of characters that were not in the swap but joined us too...Banzai and Chris Puma, glad to have been able to buy you a beer. Matt Smith, you missed a hell of a gathering, but I'm glad that you had some quality time at home with the kids. I have a full box of flies for you when we get to fish next. Michaels, sorry your schedule changed last minute, I've got some flies for you too. Shoot me a PM so we can try to meet and exchange flies. If you want to get your ties to the others shoot them a PM too.

Thanks to all for making my first swapmeister attempt great, and thanks for all the bonus flies that now fill my boxes. Who is hosting the next one?


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the flies are great
was great meeting the tyers as well

Ed what took you so long to get the photos up?

was a great idea and a great time thanks all yall

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